Vision Zero Scorecard

The Vision Zero Action Plan was released in 2014 and outlined 63 separate initiatives that the Mayor's Office and a number of City Agencies are undertaking to reduce death and serious injury on our streets. Since then, the Vision Zero Task Force has added an additional 143 new initiatives (40 new initiatives were introduced in 2015, 22 were added in 2016, 26 in 2017, 27 in 2018, and 28 in 2019) for a total of 206 initiatives.

The status of each initiative is listed below and City Agencies continue to make progress towards completion. The list below is up to date as of 5/31/19.

To review progress on prior years initiatives please see the Vision Zero Scorecard archives.

Year Six Initiatives

ID# Agency Initiative Name Status
6.1 DOT Launch an integrated speed reducer installation program In progress
6.2 DOT Install speed cameras at additional school zone locations In progress
6.3 DOT Launch a new Driveway Safety Program to help developers and property owners adopt best practices for curb cuts and driveways  In progress
6.4 DOT Investigate the connection between speed and red-light camera violations on traffic crashes and injuries, as well as generate insights into the impact of these violations on driving behavior over time In progress
6.5 DOT Conduct outreach and issue recommendations concerning interventions for medically-impaired drivers In progress
6.6 DOT Conduct high-visibility education and enforcement campaigns alongside NYPD at key locations In progress
6.7 DOT Expand and enhance People Priority Streets to improve pedestrian safety and access In progress
6.8 NYPD Expand outreach and enforcement regarding the safe execution of left and right hand turns by all motorists In progress
6.9 NYPD Expand lifesaving efforts in the field of motorcycle safety In progress
6.10 NYPD Increase safety within the trade waste and private carting industry through outreach and enforcement  In progress
6.11 NYPD Expand NYPD's clear bus routes enforcement action plan In progress
6.12 DCAS Codify fleet safety best practices In progress
6.13 DCAS Reduce use of left tuns In progress
6.14 DCAS Operationalize the updated Safe Fleet Transition Plan In progress
6.15 DCAS Advocate for driver safety training of regulated and contracted entities In progress
6.16 DCAS Pursue expansion of sideguard law to require sideguards on private fleets with City contracts In progress
6.17 DCAS Introduce predictive analytics relating to driving behaviors and crashes through CRASHStat and the Fleet Office of Real Time Tracking (FORT) In progress
6.18 TLC Ensure TLC-licensed vehicles with outstanding part recalls are fixed in a timely manner In progress
6.19 TLC Engage drivers on safely sharing the road with people on bicycles In progress
6.20 TLC Study emerging trends in TLC-involved crash data In progress
6.21 TLC Collaborate with NYPD to provide additional training on TLC-specific enforcement In progress
6.22 DOHMH Reconvene external research partners to promote crossdisciplinary data sharing and collaboration that advances Vision Zero In progress
6.23 DOHMH Continue traffic safety outreach efforts for older adults and support related efforts with other Vision Zero City agencies In progress
6.24 DOHMH Continue enhanced surveillance of traffic safety with public health data sources In progress
6.25 BIC Expand BIC's oversight in the trade-waste industry to include safety In progress
6.26 BIC Update Trade Waste Safety Manual In progress
6.27 BIC Develop Vision Zero driver training videos for BIC trade waste industry drivers In progress
Sherrif's Office
6.28 Sheriff Expand public outreach and enforcement by the Sheriff's Road Patrol to ensure compliance with criminal traffic sanctions In progress