Vision Zero Scorecard

The Vision Zero Action Plan was released in 2014 and outlined 63 separate initiatives that the Mayor's Office and a number of City Agencies are undertaking to reduce death and serious injury on our streets. Since then, the Vision Zero Task Force has added an additional 115 new initiatives (40 new initiatives were introduced in 2015, 22 were added in 2016, 26 in 2017, and 27 in 2018) for a total of 178 initiatives.

The status of each initiative is listed below and City Agencies continue to make progress towards completion. The list below is up to date as of 2/29/19.

To review progress on prior years initiatives please see the Vision Zero Scorecard archives.

Year Five Initiatives

ID#AgencyInitiative NameStatus
5.1 DOT Intensify street safety improvements in areas with high concentrations of senior citizens and senior pedestrian injuries In progress
5.2 DOT Implement Bicycle Priority Districts to increase lane-mileage of bike lanes in areas with disproportionate KSIs relative to their infrastructure In progress
5.3 DOT Examine locations where pedestrians are killed on or near highways Complete and Ongoing
5.4 DOT Update Borough Pedestrian Safety Action Plan priority maps based on analysis of recent KSI data Complete
5.5 DOT Convene a working group to plan a Vision Zero-focused driver education program for under-25s Complete
5.6 DOT Use data analysis to proactively identify intersections at which new traffic signals are likely warranted Complete and Ongoing
5.7 NYPD Expand outreach and enforcement program for intercity buses, charter buses, and commercial trucks Complete and Ongoing
5.8 NYPD Explore ways to increase the role of the neighborhood policing program into traffic strategy Complete and Ongoing
5.9 NYPD Evaluate and improve utilization of AC 19-190 In progress
5.11 NYPD Explore using NYPD auxiliary officers to manage pedestrians and effect positive change in driver’s behavior at intersections with notable crash/injury histories with the underlying goal of enhancing pedestrian and bicyclist safety Complete and Ongoing
5.12 NYPD Roll out NYPD Transportation Bureau Community Outreach Unit Complete and Ongoing
5.13 DCAS Activate a Fleet Office of Real Time Tracking (FORT) to track the safety and utilization of City fleet units Complete and Ongoing
5.14 DCAS Implement the first formal investments in new safety equipment as part of the Safe Fleet Transition Plan Complete
5.15 DCAS Centralize administration of License Event Notification System through DCAS In progress
5.16 DCAS Start posting stickers on City vehicles that encourage the public to call 311 if they see unsafe or problematic driving Complete and Ongoing
5.17 DCAS Expand current in-person training initiative under Vision Zero to include online and interactive virtual training In progress
5.18 TLC Develop Vision Zero driver training video for TLC licensees and integrate into TLC driver education Complete
5.19 TLC Offer licensees safety retraining in lieu of standard fines for certain moving violations In progress
5.21 TLC Enhance TLC field enforcement training to support Vision Zero efforts Complete
5.22 TLC Collaborate with advocates and large app-based bases on passenger and licensee outreach campaigns In progress
5.23 TLC Coordinate quarterly safety outreach campaigns to professional drivers In progress
5.24 DOHMH Expand Prescribe-a-Bike pilot program to a second clinical partner Complete and Ongoing
5.25 DOHMH Expand data partnerships to enhance surveillance of traffic-related fatalities and injuries and to further identify populations at risk Complete and Ongoing
5.26 DOHMH Support equity-focused analyses of traffic-related data and dissemination of findings Complete and Ongoing
5.27 BIC Educate school children about street safety around private garbage trucks In progress
5.28 BIC Establish interagency collision review panel to review crashes involving a trade waste truck that resulted in a death or serious injury Complete and Ongoing
5.29 BIC Conduct outreach to workers in the trade waste industry Complete and Ongoing