Initiatives Archive

Vision Zero Scorecard Archive

The Vision Zero Action Plan was released in 2014 and outlined 63 separate initiatives that the Mayor's Office and a number of City Agencies are undertaking to reduce death and serious injury on our streets. Vision Zero introduced an additional 40 initiatives in 2015, 22 in 2016, 26 in 2017, 27 in 2018, and 28 in 2019.

The status of each initiative is listed below and City Agencies continue to make progress towards completion.

Year One

Year Two

Year Three

Year Four

Year Five

Year One Initiatives

ID# Agency Initiative Name Status
City Hall
1.1 City Hall/Ops Establish a permanent Vision Zero task force in the Mayor's Office of Operations Complete
1.2 City Hall/Ops Launch a Vision Zero website to gather input from New Yorkers and coordinate information about the City's Vision Zero plans and upcoming events and provide data Complete
1.3 City Hall/CAU/DOT Conduct Vision Zero presentations across the City Complete and Ongoing
1.4 City Hall/Ops Publish crash and safety data on a regular basis in user-friendly format(s) Complete and Ongoing
1.5 City Hall/Ops Partner with industry groups and vehicle manufacturers to educate fleet drivers and explore design changes to their automotive fleets Complete
1.6 City Hall/Intergov Lead a state legislative campaign to give the City power over the placement of speed and red-light cameras, power to reduce the citywide speed limit to 25 MPH, and ability to increase the penalties associated with dangerous driver behavior Complete and Ongoing
New York Police Department
1.7 NYPD Increase enforcement against dangerous moving violations, including speeding, failing to yield to pedestrians, signal violations, improper turns/disobeying signage, and phoning/texting while driving  Complete and Ongoing
1.8 NYPD Increase speeding enforcement at the precinct level Complete and Ongoing
1.9 NYPD Purchase advanced speed detection equipment (LIDAR guns), upgrade speed detection technology available to precincts and train additional personnel Complete and Ongoing
1.10 NYPD Increase the Highway District to 263 personnel Complete and Ongoing
1.11 NYPD Expand Collision Investigation Squad cases to encompass all crashes with critical injuries. Complete
1.12 NYPD Modify precinct-level traffic plans to increase focus on pedestrian safety Complete
1.13 NYPD Update technology for capturing crash data Complete
1.14 NYPD Enhance training for officers to better record and preserve crash details and site evidence Complete
1.15 NYPD Broaden recruiting efforts for School Crossing Guards Complete
Department of Transportation
1.16 NYPD/DOT Conduct intensive street-level outreach and enforcement on safety problems and traffic laws, focused in areas with known crash histories Complete and Ongoing
1.17 NYPD/DOT Convene monthly meetings of the DOT Traffic Division and the NYPD Transportation Bureau to review traffic safety performance and set strategy for improvement Complete and Ongoing
1.18 NYPD/DOT Develop data-driven citywide enforcement strategy Complete
1.19 NYPD/DOT/CAU Develop borough-wide safety plans in close coordination with community boards, community organizations, and the Mayor's Community Affairs Unit Complete
1.20 NYPD/DOT Conduct targeted outreach in 500 schools each year, educating students about protecting themselves as safe pedestrians and working with their families for safer school zones Complete and Ongoing
1.21 DOT Complete 50 street improvement projects that enhanced safety by reengineering intersections and corridors Complete
1.22 DOT Create 25 new arterial slow zones Complete
1.23 DOT Implement eight new neighborhood slow zones Complete
1.24 DOT Install speed cameras at 20 new authorized locations Complete
1.25 DOT Install 250 speed humps, including in neighborhood slow zones Complete
1.26 DOT Enhance street lighting at 1,000 intersections Complete
1.27 DOT Enhance maintenance of street markings In Progress
1.28 DOT Install traffic signals where needed Complete and Ongoing
1.29 DOT Implement additional street reconstruction safety projects In Progress
1.30 DOT Survey national and international best practices to expand potential strategies Complete and Ongoing
1.31 DOT Hold workshops for major street design projects Complete and Ongoing
1.32 DOT Undertake a high-quality ad campaign aimed at reducing speeding, failure-to-yield and other forms of reckless driving Complete and Ongoing
1.33 DOT Broaden the message and expand the reach of the "Choices" anti-DWI campaign Complete and Ongoing
1.34 DOT Double the number of programmable speed boards for the intensive education/enforcement initiative Complete
1.35 DOT Make effective, age-appropriate safety curriculum available to schools throughout the city Complete and Ongoing
1.36 DOT Partner with senior centers to increase communication and get specific feedback from aging New Yorkers about street safety improvements Complete and Ongoing
1.37 DOT Increase the number and visibility of hands-on safety demonstrations Complete and Ongoing
1.38 DOT Add safety flyers and messaging in DOT mailings such as Alternate Side Parking regulations and construction permits Complete and Ongoing
Taxi & Limousine Commission
1.39 DOT/TLC Issue summonses to TLC drivers identified by red light cameras Complete and Ongoing
1.40 DOT/TLC Update taxi school to account for new streetscape features and alert drivers to higher-crash street types Complete
1.41 TLC Create TLC safety enforcement squad equipped with speed radar equipment to enforce speed and safety regulations Complete
1.42 TLC Pilot program to place black box data recorders in TLC-licensed vehicles Complete
1.43 TLC Implement more comprehensive traffic safety curriculum for initial licensees Complete and Ongoing
1.44 TLC Create behind-the-wheel driving course for drivers who would benefit from additional instruction Complete and Ongoing
1.45 TLC Pilot technology that alerts passengers and drivers when they are traveling over the speed limit Complete
1.46 TLC Explore in-car technology that limits vehicle speed, warns drivers of impending collisions, or reduces the fare when the driver speeds Complete and Ongoing
1.47 TLC Introduce street safety public service announcements on Taxi TV Complete and Ongoing
1.48 TLC Use driver information monitors to send safety reminders to taxi drivers Complete and Ongoing
1.49 TLC Add safety flyers and messaging in TLC mailings to drivers Complete and Ongoing
1.50 TLC Include left turn reminder stickers in TLC licensed vehicles Complete
1.51 TLC Create publicly accessible "Honor Roll" of safe TLC drivers Complete
1.52 TLC Enhance enforcement against drivers offering for-hire service without a TLC license Complete
1.53 TLC Explore vehicle design requirements to improve safety Complete
1.54 TLC Pursue City law changes and new TLC rules to increase sanctions on TLC drivers who engage in dangerous behavior Complete
Department of Citywide Administration Services
1.55 DCAS Ensure all City fleet vehicles are equipped with technology that record speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors by the end of June 2016 Complete and Ongoing
1.56 DCAS Upgrade the collision tracking system for the citywide fleet through the new NYC Fleet Focus system Complete
1.57 DCAS Oversee a Citywide expansion of Defensive Driver training courses for all employees driving City vehicles Complete
1.58 DCAS Recommend safety related devices and designs, such as high visibility vehicles, back-up cameras, and rear wheel side guards, for City vehicles and other vehicles under City regulation Complete
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
1.59 DOHMH Conduct public health surveillance on traffic-related hospitalizations and fatalities Complete and Ongoing
1.60 DOHMH/VZ Task Force Provide Vision Zero Task Force with public health data to help target traffic safety interventions Complete and Ongoing
1.61 DOHMH Include traffic fatalities and injuries and prevention messages in public health reports Complete and Ongoing
1.62 DOHMH/VZ Task Force Engage community public health partners in promoting Vision Zero goals Complete and Ongoing
Promote research on walking, driving, motorcycling, and bicycling behaviors and patterns in the city Complete and Ongoing

Year Two Initiatives

ID# Agency Initiative Name Status
Department of Transportation
2.1 NYPD/DOT/ TLC/DCAS/Ops Promote a new outreach and enforcement campaign of the new 25 MPH speed limit – Operation Drive 25 Complete and Ongoing
2.2 DOT/NYPD/ TLC/DOHMH/ DCAS/City Hall/Ops Develop and execute a comprehensive Vision Zero media campaign Complete and Ongoing
City Hall/Ops
Expand collaboration with new partners, including the District Attorney's offices, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Complete and Ongoing
2.4 DOT/NYPD Identify priority corridors, intersections, and areas  Complete
2.5 DOT/NYPD Target safety education at priority corridors and priority areas Complete and Ongoing
2.6 DOT Implement 50 Vision Zero safety engineering improvements annually at priority corridors, intersections, and areas citywide, informed by outreach findings at project locations Complete and Ongoing
2.7 DOT Implement Vision Zero Great Streets In Progress
2.8 DOT Significantly expand exclusive pedestrian crossing time through the use of leading pedestrian intervals (LPIs) on all feasible priority corridors and priority intersections by end of 2017 Complete and Ongoing
2.9 DOT Modify signal timing to reduce off-peak speeding on all feasible priority corridors by the end of 2017 Complete and Ongoing
2.10 DOT Install expanded speed limit signage on all priority corridors in 2015 Complete
2.11 DOT Drive community input and engagement at priority corridors, intersections, and areas Complete and Ongoing
2.12 DOT Expand a bicycle network that improves safety for all road users (including at least 10 miles per year of protected bike paths) Complete and Ongoing
2.13 DOT Release motorcyclist crash study and list of proposed action items to aid in preventing future crashes Complete
2.14 DOT Conduct study on severe injury and fatal bicyclist crashes and list of proposed action items to aid in preventing future crashes Complete
2.15 DOT Install 75 Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) per year and develop additional accessibility measures Complete and Ongoing
2.16 DOT Complete deployment of speed cameras and implement the majority of speed camera locations at priority corridors, intersections, and areas Complete and Ongoing
2.17 DOT Continue to reform off-hours programs for commercial deliveries to reduce conflicts with pedestrians In Progress
2.18 DOT/NYPD/
Partner with NYPD and MTA to develop and complete a study on large vehicles and use truck and large vehicle crash data to identify truck enforcement priority areas In Progress
2.19 DOT Proactively design for pedestrian safety in high-growth areas, including locations in the Housing New York plan Complete and Ongoing
2.20 DOT/NYPD Target street team outreach at priority corridors, intersections, and areas Complete and Ongoing
New York Police Department
2.21 DOT/NYPD Deploy dedicated enforcement on priority intersections and corridors and deploy dedicated resources to NYPD precincts that overlap substantially with priority areas as outlined in borough plans Complete and Ongoing
2.22 NYPD Increase training, awareness, and outreach  to address Administrative Code 19-190, a law creating a criminal misdemeanor penalty for New York City drivers who injure or kill pedestrians or cyclists with the right of way Complete and Ongoing
2.23 NYPD Implement and test a new model of enforcement that increases enforcement in areas both with high traffic fatalities/injuries and with high crime rates In Progress
2.24 NYPD Pilot a program to allow Traffic Enforcement Agents to respond to motor vehicle collisions involving only property damage Complete and Ongoing
2.25 NYPD Pilot a program to allow civilian members of the NYPD to work in the Intoxicated Driver Testing Unit In Progress
2.26 NYPD Increase outreach, education, and enforcement on motorcycle registration and the prohibition of dangerous and stunt behavior of motorcyclists Complete and Ongoing
2.27 DOT/NYPD Increase large vehicle and truck education and enforcement amongst precinct police and focus on truck safety education for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists In Progress
Taxi & Limousine Commission
2.28 TLC Develop a system to communicate safety information to TLC-licensed drivers Complete
2.29 TLC Advocate for a change in the New York State seatbelt law to remove the exemptions for taxis and liveries Complete
2.30 TLC Expand required TLC driver education to car service drivers  Complete
2.31 TLC Introduce license renewal course for taxi and car service drivers, providing additional continuing education about safe driving In Progress
2.32 TLC Engage taxi fleets and car service bases in promoting safe driving among TLC-licensed drivers Complete and Ongoing
2.33 TLC Create public service announcements (PSAs) to engage passengers in promoting safe driving by TLC licensees and educate partner agencies Complete and Ongoing
Department of Citywide Administration Services
2.34 DCAS Recognize safe operators among City fleet drivers through "Good Operator" awards Complete
2.35 DCAS Install the first wave of 240 truck side guards and test their effectiveness Complete
2.36 DCAS Survey City fleet drivers regarding their perceptions of safety and safe driving as part of ongoing defensive driving initiative Complete and Ongoing
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
2.37 DOHMH Issue guidance on traffic safety messaging for older adults based on formative research. Complete
2.38 DOHMH Create new partnerships with schools and priority neighborhoods that will promote Vision Zero and active living Complete and Ongoing
2.39 DOHMH Link traffic crash event and hospitalization data to describe patterns and risk factors for traffic-related injuries Complete
2.40 DOHMH/VZ Task Force Identify priority topics for research and evaluation of Vision Zero efforts Complete

Year Three Initiatives

ID# Agency Initiative Name Status
Department of Transportation
3.1 DOT Pilot a left-turn initiative focused on safer left-turn designs Complete
3.2 DOT Prepare for deployment of Connected Vehicle Technology pilot Complete
3.3 DOT, DOE Incorporate VZ curriculum designed for students in grades 4-6 Complete
Department of Citywide Administration Services
3.4 DCAS Restrict the use of hands-free mobile devices for City drivers in City vehicles Complete
3.5 DCAS Standardize vehicle safety messaging and signage Complete and Ongoing
3.6 DCAS Install second wave of truck sideguards Complete
3.7 DCAS Research and report on driver alert systems for Safe Fleet Transition Plan Complete
New York Police Department
3.8 NYPD, DOT, DFTA Launch senior outreach and enforcement campaign Complete
3.9 NYPD Increase impaired driving enforcement Complete and Ongoing
3.10 NYPD Explore the expansion of the criteria for Collision Investigation Squad (CIS) involvement In Progress
Taxi & Limousine Commission
3.11 TLC Explore developing a system of incentives to increase safe driving behavior
3.12 TLC Evaluate the effectiveness of current enforcement programs Complete and Ongoing
3.13 TLC Identify strategies to reduce fatigued driving and raise awareness among TLC-licensed drivers Complete
3.14 TLC Provide targeted outreach and education to TLC-licensed businesses to increase safe driving behavior Complete and Ongoing
Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
3.15 DOHMH Analyze and disseminate data on traffic-related injuries and driving behaviors Complete and Ongoing
Metropolitan Transportation Authority
3.16 MTA Provide focused safety awareness training to 6000 bus operators Complete
3.17 MTA Expand use of Pedestrian Turn Warning and Collision Avoidance safety technology Complete and Ongoing
City Hall
3.18 City Hall Pass legislation in Albany to expand speed camera hours and streets to target locations where crashes most often occur In Progress
3.19 DA Organize legislative support to increase penalties for drivers who flee crashes
In Progress
3.20 DA Revise Public Health Law Section 3306 to include any impairing substances
In Progress
3.21 DA Improve DWI search warrant processing
In Progress
3.22 DA Support the purchase and operation of a Mobile Impaired Driver Testing site
In Progress

Year Four Initiatives

ID# Agency Initiative Name Status
4.1 DOT Make high-visibility crosswalks the standard crosswalk citywide Complete and Ongoing
4.2 DOT Accelerate the replacement cycle for street markings Complete and Ongoing
4.3 DOT Install left-turn traffic calming upgrades to at least 100 additional intersections Complete and Ongoing
4.4 DOT Make upgrades to at least 20 key cycling intersections within the bike network In progress
4.5 DOT Commence lighting upgrades at 1,000 intersections In progress
4.6 DOT Continue to pilot raised crosswalks Complete and Ongoing
4.7 DOT Install first neighborhood traffic circle pilots Complete and Ongoing
4.8 DOT Evaluate use of new sensors and data analytics systems for traffic safety purposes In progress
4.9 NYPD Apply precision policing principals to maximize efficiencies in deployment Complete and Ongoing
4.10 NYPD Continue to conduct safe cycle initiatives in the effort to reduce bicyclist fatalities Complete and Ongoing
4.11 NYPD Ensure school crossing guards at every post with the addition of 100 new crossing guard supervisors and a mobile replacement squad In progress
4.12 NYPD Add 120 new speed guns to local precincts, increasing speed enforcement capability by 50% Complete
4.101 NYPD Analyze data to address unlicensed operators, unregistered vehicles and uninsured vehicles Complete and Ongoing
4.13 DCAS Continue vehicular safety optimizations through Safe Fleet Transition Plan Complete and Ongoing
4.14 DCAS Partner with DOE/DOT to incorporate Vision Zero safety training into high school curriculum In progress
4.15 DCAS Implement Phase-2 of truck side-guard installation Complete and Ongoing
4.16 DCAS Pilot real-time speed and safety tracking Complete
4.17 DCAS Enhance and expand defensive driving training Complete and Ongoing
4.18 TLC Implement new fatigued driving prevention rules and educate drivers on framework and fatigue risks Complete
4.19 TLC Expand public outreach, official vehicle markings, and enforcement to reduce the prevalence of illegal vans Complete and Ongoing
4.20 TLC Hold focus groups with TLC Safety Honor Roll members to determine effective safety messaging Complete
4.21 TLC Promote discussion and research on the traffic safety issues related to automated vehicles Complete and Ongoing
4.22 DOHMH Disseminate findings from data set linking collision and hospitalization data Complete and Ongoing
4.23 DOHMH Convene external research partners to promote cross-disciplinary data sharing and collaboration Complete and Ongoing
4.25 DA Resolve legal challenges to Administrative Code 19-190 In progress
4.26 DA Ensure precise and efficient ignition interlock monitoring in New York City In progress

Year Five Initiatives

ID# Agency Initiative Name Status
5.1 DOT Intensify street safety improvements in areas with high concentrations of senior citizens and senior pedestrian injuries In progress
5.2 DOT Implement Bicycle Priority Districts to increase lane-mileage of bike lanes in areas with disproportionate KSIs relative to their infrastructure In progress
5.3 DOT Examine locations where pedestrians are killed on or near highways Complete and Ongoing
5.4 DOT Update Borough Pedestrian Safety Action Plan priority maps based on analysis of recent KSI data Complete
5.5 DOT Convene a working group to plan a Vision Zero-focused driver education program for under-25s Complete
5.6 DOT Use data analysis to proactively identify intersections at which new traffic signals are likely warranted Complete and Ongoing
5.7 NYPD Expand outreach and enforcement program for intercity buses, charter buses, and commercial trucks Complete and Ongoing
5.8 NYPD Explore ways to increase the role of the neighborhood policing program into traffic strategy Complete and Ongoing
5.9 NYPD Evaluate and improve utilization of AC 19-190 In progress
5.10 NYPD Explore using NYPD auxiliary officers to manage pedestrians and effect positive change in driver’s behavior at intersections with notable crash/injury histories with the underlying goal of enhancing pedestrian and bicyclist safety Complete and Ongoing
5.11 NYPD Roll out NYPD Transportation Bureau Community Outreach Unit Complete and Ongoing
5.12 DCAS Activate a Fleet Office of Real Time Tracking (FORT) to track the safety and utilization of City fleet units Complete and Ongoing
5.13 DCAS Implement the first formal investments in new safety equipment as part of the Safe Fleet Transition Plan Complete
5.14 DCAS Centralize administration of License Event Notification System through DCAS In progress
5.15 DCAS Start posting stickers on City vehicles that encourage the public to call 311 if they see unsafe or problematic driving Complete and Ongoing
5.16 DCAS Expand current in-person training initiative under Vision Zero to include online and interactive virtual training In progress
5.17 TLC Develop Vision Zero driver training video for TLC licensees and integrate into TLC driver education Complete
5.18 TLC Offer licensees safety retraining in lieu of standard fines for certain moving violations In progress
5.19 TLC Enhance TLC field enforcement training to support Vision Zero efforts Complete
5.20 TLC Collaborate with advocates and large app-based bases on passenger and licensee outreach campaigns In progress
5.21 TLC Coordinate quarterly safety outreach campaigns to professional drivers In progress
5.22 DOHMH Expand Prescribe-a-Bike pilot program to a second clinical partner Complete and Ongoing
5.23 DOHMH Expand data partnerships to enhance surveillance of traffic-related fatalities and injuries and to further identify populations at risk Complete and Ongoing
5.24 DOHMH Support equity-focused analyses of traffic-related data and dissemination of findings Complete and Ongoing
5.25 BIC Educate school children about street safety around private garbage trucks In progress
5.26 BIC Establish interagency collision review panel to review crashes involving a trade waste truck that resulted in a death or serious injury Complete and Ongoing
5.27 BIC Conduct outreach to workers in the trade waste industry Complete and Ongoing