Government alone will not bring about the broader changes in attitude and behavior needed to end traffic fatalities. Our partners throughout the city come in all shapes and sizes. We welcome advocacy groups, businesses, government agencies, unions, and all other interested parties to join us as we strive towards our goal.

Thoughtful input from citizens and safety advocates are embodied in City policy and in our program. As we move forward on our streets and in Albany, the voices of citizen-advocates, supported by the megaphone of City government, will help pass needed legislation and ensure safer streets. On the streets of New York, advocates bring fresh, independent voices and new ideas to the table and act as watchdogs to ensure that promises are fulfilled.

Uniting all of New York together towards one goal is a challenging task, but with the widespread cooperation we have already received, we are confident that these partnerships will bolster the Vision Zero program goals and help our city's streets become safer than ever.

Advocacy Partners

Elected Officials

Technology Partners

Academic Partners