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Bike Smart

Each year, more New Yorkers are bicycling for work, for fun, and for their health. Bicycling is a great way to be active and stay fit. 89% of cyclist fatalities occur at intersections so you need to learn how to navigate them and stay safe on your bike:

  • Stay Out of the Blind Spot
    Turning trucks and buses cannot see a bicycle in their blind spot. Do not pass when trucks and buses are turning, especially on the side to which they are making the turn.
  • Be Seen at Night
    A white headlight and red taillight are required by law and wearing something reflective is really smart.
  • Go with the Flow
    Bike in the direction of traffic. Cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists expect all traffic to come from the same direction. Also, a head-on collision is much more serious than a rear-end collision.

Check for regular helmet fittings or other bike safety events in your neighborhood.

For more specific information about the laws and tips for safety see:

  • Bicycle Laws
    Department of Transportation's (DOT) compiled list of laws and rules for bicycling in NYC
  • Bike Smart
    DOT's Official guide to biking in NYC
  • Bicycling for your Health
    Ride safely and healthy with these helpful tips from the Department of Health (DOH)
  • Cycling New York City
    A pamphlet from the DOH's Health Bulletin
  • Bike Friendly Business District
    Vision Zero partnering organization, Transportation Alternatives, has compiled their list of "Bike Friendly Business" in the East Village and the Lower East Side
  • Citi Bike
    For all the facts on Citi Bike check out this press release from the DOT

Commercial Cyclists

DOT's Commercial Bicycling webpage has the definitive information to comply with the law and keep safe while delivering good in New York City.