Symbol of a Person Walking

When You Walk

All New Yorkers are pedestrians at some point - whether you walk to work or school, go to your parking space to get into your car or get out in your wheelchair to go to the store.

It's important to know that dangerous driver choices are the primary cause or a contributing factor in 70% of pedestrian fatalities. There are many things you can do to protect yourself in the traffic environment:

  • Watch For Turning Cars
    3 out of 4 crashes occur at intersections. Some spots are more complicated than others. Be especially alert for traffic turning left.
  • Do What You Can to Be Seen
    Hawaiian shirts might not be your style, but adding a brightly colored umbrella or scarf will help others see you.
  • Look in All Directions for Motor Vehicles and Bicycles
    Even if it's a one-way street...even if the signal is in your favor...look around, just in case.

Aging New Yorkers are particularly vulnerable on the streets as pedestrians. They make up 12% of the population but account for 35% of our fatalities on the streets.

For more resources about walking and pedestrian improvements in the city, you can click on the following links:

  • Make NYC Your Gym
    Get out and Enjoy New York City with this helpful webpage from the Department of Health
  • NYC Plaza Program
    The NYC Plaza Program is a key part of the City's effort to ensure that all New Yorkers live within a 10-minute walk of quality open space.
  • Safe Routes to Schools
    DOT introduced the Safe Routes to School initiative to focus safety improvements at city schools with the highest accident rates.
  • Safe Streets for Seniors
    Safe Streets for Seniors is a pedestrian safety initiative for older New Yorkers.