Volunteer Projects

Volunteer Projects.

The World Health Organization has declared the COVID-19 disease, known as the coronavirus, a pandemic. During this time, we ask that all New Yorkers use additional precautions to protect their health and safety and that of those around them, including practicing social distancing.

Many events being held around the city and in parks are being canceled or rescheduled. Before attending, please check with the organizing group to confirm. 

New York City’s natural areas are a vital resource for all New Yorkers. These park spaces capture rainwater, supply fresh air, and provide habitat for wildlife! In addition to the volunteer opportunities offered below, NYC Parks Stewardship provides communities with opportunities to care for our city’s forests, wetlands, salt marshes, and street trees throughout the year. Their volunteer events include planting trees and shrubs, removing invasive plants, plant protection, trail restoration, and street tree care that benefits all New Yorkers—animal and human alike.

Visit the NYC Parks Stewardship page to find out how you can volunteer for an event, or train to be an advanced volunteer!