Water Quality

Bluebelt Program

Get information about the Bluebelt program and Bluebelt property maintenance and cleanup. Search for an existing Bluebelt land designation on a property.

Books and Web Sites about the Water Supply System for Children

Get information about great books and Web sites to teach children about water.

Conserve Water at Home Kit

Get a kit to help homeowners conserve water.

Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention

Information about the City's backflow prevention program.

Drinking Water Quality

Learn about drinking water quality.

Drinking Water Quality Report

Get a report on drinking water quality.

Drought Management and Rules

Get information about drought.

Fire Hydrant Request

Request hydrant installation, removal, relocation, locking, unlocking, or spray cap fitting.

Floatables Prevention Program

Get information about a program to reduce floatables and other trash in waterways. or report trash in a waterway.

Monitoring for Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products in the New York City Water Supply

Information about the City's efforts to monitor for pharmaceutical and personal care products in the drinking water supply.

Municipal Water Finance Authority

Get information about the New York City Municipal Water Finance Authority.

New York City Water Supply Protection Brochure

Get a booklet about how the City protects the water supply.

New York Harbor Water Quality Survey

Get a survey on New York Harbor water quality.

Newtown Creek Visitor Center

Information about the Newtown Creek Visitor Center.

Painting Street or Sidewalk for Water Shut-Off

Get information about painted marks on streets and curbs indicating upcoming water shut-off.

Reduce Risk of Lead in Drinking Water

Learn about reducing lead in drinking water.

Request Lead Test Kit for Drinking Water

Request a kit to test drinking water for high levels of lead.

Wait... Pilot Program for Water Use During Heavy Rain

Get information about the Wait… Pilot Program to prevent wastewater from getting into waterways during heavy rain.

Water Conservation

Get information about water conservation.

Water Fountain and Bottle Refill Stations

Water fountains and bottle refill stations throughout the five boroughs.

Water Hardness

Get information about water hardness.

Water Saver Workbook

Get a workbook that teaches children to conserve water.

Water Service Shut-Off for Residential or Commercial Property

Request to turn off water service at a residential or commercial property.

Water Supply System

Get information about the water supply system, including maps.

Water Tent Sign for Restaurants

Get a sign for a restaurant informing customers that they may ask for water.

Water Use Restrictions Chart

Get a chart of water use restrictions.

Water Vessel for Shipping Hydrant Certificate

Apply for certification to unload water from a shipping hydrant for general use.

Waterfront Flood Zone

Get information about flood zone designations for specific properties.

Watershed and Reservoir Land

Get information about watershed rules and permits.

Watershed Program

Get information about the New York City Watershed Program.

Water Backflow Permit

Apply for a permit to install and use water backflow preventers.

Water Conservation Variance Permit

Get a permit to use water in a way that is not normally allowed by New York City law.

Water Tap Permit or Sewer Pipe Map

Apply for a permit to connect or close water taps or wet connections. Get a map of sewer pipes.

Croton Filtration Complaint

Make a complaint about the Croton Water Filtration Plant.

Fire Hydrant Complaint

Report a hydrant that is damaged, missing, or being used inappropriately.

Fire Hydrant Leaking or Running

Report a fire hydrant that is leaking, running, or running at full blast.

Flooding Street or Highway

Report street or highway flooding or a manhole overflow.

Water Complaint

Report no water, no hot water, only scalding hot water, or poor water quality or pressure.

Water Leak Complaint

Report water leaking into a public area or basement.

Water Sampling Station Defective

Report a defective water sampling station.

Water Wasting Complaint

Report the use of too much water.

Waterfront Dumping Complaint

Information on how to make a complaint about illegal waterfront dumping.

Waterway Complaint

Report floatables, trash, oil, gasoline, sewage, or an unusual color in a waterway.