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November 6, 2020


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New Tenant Protection Plan Requirements + Updated TPP1 & PW2 Forms

There are new requirements for Tenant Protection Plans taking effect. Beginning on November 10, 2020, per Local Law 106 of 2019:

  • The Registered Design Professional (RDP) who prepares the Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) has to be hired by the general contractor; and

  • The permit holder is required to sign a statement certifying that the TPP submitted by the RDP aligns with the scope of the planned work.

Exceptions to this new requirement:

  • Work in occupied one- and two-family homes; and

  • Work limited to the interior of a single dwelling unit of an occupied multiple dwelling

Please be aware that, in addition to the changes above, we have updated the following forms:

Revised TPP1 Form

  • The new TPP1 form includes a certification that, if applicable, the RDP was hired by the general contractor performing the work.

Revised PW2: Work Permit Application Form

  • The new PW2 form includes a statement that, if applicable, the TPP submitted for the work aligns with the scope of the planned work, and an acknowledgement that, if applicable, the RDP who prepares the TPP must be retained by the general contractor performing the work.

Please read the full Service Notice here.

New Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Worksheet Requirement

Starting November 9, 2020, applicants requesting an initial Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) or TCO Renewal with Changes must use the new PW7: Review Request form, which includes a TCO Worksheet on pages 2 - 3 of the form. The TCO Worksheet must be fully completed for the Borough Commissioner's Office's review. Please see our Service Notice for full guidance.

Here's a quick overview of the steps to request an initial TCO or TCO Renewal with Changes:

  1. Review Project Status to Verify TCO Readiness
    Use the TCO Worksheet to make sure your project is ready for the issuance of an initial TCO. Need assistance navigating the requirements? Make an appointment with a borough Project Advocate using a Project Advocate Service Request form and indicating 'Initial TCO Pre-submission Consultation' as the reason.

  2. Complete Inspections and Obtain Required Sign-offs
    All required DOB inspections (construction, plumbing and elevator) must be completed and the signoff(s) recorded in the "Items Required" list in the Building Information System (BIS). All special and/or progress inspections must also be completed and Technical Reports submitted. For instructions on special/progress inspections for phased projects, see the TCO Worksheet on pages 2 and 3.

  3. Submit Project-specific TCO Required Items
    All required items for a TCO listed in the project's "Items Required" list in BIS must be uploaded in eFiling. If any items required for a TCO are not ready at the time of the TCO request, check the TCO Worksheet for available alternatives.

  4. Submit Applicable Supporting Documents
    When a checked item on the TCO worksheet indicates "submit a copy," a copy of the specified documents must be submitted. All supporting documents must be combined into a single .pdf file and uploaded in eFIling.

  5. Submit Initial TCO or TCO Renewal with Changes Request
    Fill out a new PW7 form indicating either Initial TCO or TCO Renewal with Changes and complete the TCO Worksheet with all the required information. Upload the new 3-page PW7 form in eFiling by choosing either First Time Occupancy or TCO Renewal with Change.

For additional CO or TCO information, visit the DOB's Certificate of Occupancy page.

New PER11 Appointment Request Form for Appointment Requests

As of November 2, 2020, if you're looking to schedule a manual or specialized appointment with a Plan Examiner or Borough Commissioner's office, you will need to complete the newly updated PER11 Appointment Request form and email it to the appropriate email address listed on the form.

You will also need to submit a PER11 form in order to request review of PW3 changes and fee adjustments not related to a permit.

AI1s, PAAs, and other required items can no longer be dropped off and must be submitted in eFiling.

Please read the Service Notice for full details.

For additional information, you can also visit our Scheduling an Appointment webpage.

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Melanie E. La Rocca Commissioner

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