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Find a museum.

Find a Performing Arts Venue

Information about places that hold dance, music, or theater performances.

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Find an historical society.


Get information about a public library.

Culture Pass

Learn how to use your library card to reserve a pass and get free admission to dozens of NYC cultural institutions.

Event Calendar

Get information about recreational and cultural events including street fairs, parades, government meetings, and more.

Growing Up NYC

Information about Growing Up NYC website.

WorldPride NYC 2019

Learn about 2019 WorldPride events in New York City, including NYC Pride March and PrideFest.

Musician or Performer Permit

Apply for a permit to play music or perform in streets, subways, or parks, or at the Staten Island Ferry terminals.

Sidewalk Banner Permit

Apply for a permit to hang a banner over a sidewalk.

Library Complaint

Make a complaint about a library or a library employee.

Artist Certification for Joint Living-Working Space

Get information about the certification needed for an artist to qualify for a joint living-working space.

City Funding for Cultural Projects

Get information about capital appropriations for City-funded cultural projects.

Cultural Program Grants

Get information about grants to nonprofit cultural groups for cultural programs.

Donate Art Supplies

Donate materials or money to cultural organizations.

Donated Art Supplies Application

Apply to receive donated art supplies.