Healthy Environment

Asbestos Complaint

Report asbestos that is exposed or disturbed.

Asbestos Health Effects

Get information about the health effects of exposure to asbestos.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Get information about the requirement to install carbon monoxide detectors.

Carbon Monoxide Emission or Poisoning

Report carbon monoxide emission or poisoning or a carbon monoxide alarm sounding.

Floor Varnish Safety

Get information about how to use floor finishing products safely.

Healthy Homes Project

Get information and resources for maintaining a healthy home.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Get information about lead poisoning prevention or get a blood lead test.

Mold Complaint

Learn about mold health effects and clean-up. Report mold in a building.

NYC Healthy Neighborhoods Program

A free home assessment service for tenants with asthma and pests or mold in the home.

Product Recall and Safety

Get information about unsafe and recalled products, or report the sale of these products.

Rat or Mouse Bite

Report a rat or mouse bite.

Safe Sleep for Babies

Information about how to safely place your baby to sleep.

Bottled Water Complaint

Make a complaint about plain bottled water.

Building Drinking Water Tank Inspections - Reporting

Buildings that store drinking water in tanks must report inspection results annually.

Dogs in Restaurants

Rules for bringing a non-service dog into a restaurant.

Food Establishment Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan

Learn about a food establishment HACCP plan.

Food Safety or Poisoning Complaint

Report food poisoning or unsanitary conditions where food is sold.

Health Academy Courses

Get information about courses on food protection, swimming pool operation, animal handling, and tattoo infection control.

Mobile Food Vendor Inspection Report

Request mobile food vendor inspection reports

NYC Food Standards

Learn about the standards for food in New York City.

Restaurant Letter Grading

Information about the letter grading requirement for restaurants.

Tap Water Health Bulletin

Get a health bulletin about the benefits of drinking City tap water.

Air Quality

Get information about air quality alerts and air quality after a fire.

Animal Abuse Registry

City residents convicted of an animal abuse crime must register with the NYC Animal Abuse Registry.

Beach Status

Get the status of a private or public beach in the City.

Beach, Pool, or Sauna Complaint

Report an unsanitary condition, missing or broken safety equipment, or improper maintenance at a beach, pool, or sauna.


Get information about keeping honeybees in New York City.

Bees or Wasps Complaint

Make a complaint about a property owner who does not remove bees or wasps from their property.

Cell Phones and Your Health

Get information about cell phones and health.

Cigar Sales Law - Part of Local Law 97

Information about laws governing cigar sales.

Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) Waterbody Advisory

Information is available about Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) Waterbody Advisories.

Communicable Diseases

Get information about or report a communicable disease.

Community Health Profile Information

Get information about the health profile of specific communities.

Community Health Program Information

Get information about community-focused health programs in the South Bronx, Brooklyn, and Harlem.

Cooling Tower Complaint - Maintenance

Report a cooling tower that is unsanitary or malfunctioning.

Cooling Towers - Maintenance Program and Plan

Get information about the required cooling tower maintenance plan.

Cosmetics Complaint

Make a complaint about cosmetics or makeup.

Dead Animal

Report a dead animal on public property or get information about dead animal disposal.

Dead Bird Sightings

Get information about disposing of a dead bird or report a dead bird.

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Public Speaker Request

Request a speaker from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene for an event.

Dog or Animal Waste Complaint

Report property that is unclean due to animal waste.

Legionnaires Disease in Lower Washington Heights

Get information on the Health Department actions and guidance about the recent Legionnaires' disease cases in NYC.

Mental Health Services for Seniors

Information about mental health services for adults 60 and older.

Mosquito Swarm Report

Report large or unusual numbers of mosquitoes swarming at a specific location during mosquito season.

Organ and Tissue Donation Registration

Register to be an organ and tissue donor.

Pest Control Brochure

Get a brochure about rat and pest control.

Pesticide Use Without Notification Complaint

Report a person or business that uses pesticide without giving advance notice.

Pet Contact with Wildlife or Rabid Animal

Get information about what to do with a dead or living raccoon, skunk, or other wild animal that had contact with a pet.

Pigeon Droppings Health Effects

Get information about the health effects of pigeon droppings and proper clean up.

Pigeon Droppings or Odor Complaint

Report pigeon waste or odor.

Poison Ivy Complaint

Report poison ivy on private property, school property, or in parks.

Preventing HIV and AIDS using PrEP and PEP

Information about PrEP, a daily pill that can help prevent HIV, and PEP, medicine that helps prevent HIV infection after possible exposure.

Rabies Protection for Humans and Pets Brochure

Get a brochure about protecting people and pets against rabies.

Raccoons with Distemper

Report a raccoon displaying the symptoms of canine distemper virus in a park.

Radioactive Material

Report radioactive material that is stored improperly or creating a risk of contamination.

Rat Control

Get information about rat control for homeowners and pest control professionals.

Rat Poison Signs

Get information about rat poison signs posted in neighborhoods.

Register a Tobacco or Electronic Cigarette Shop

Retail tobacco and electronic cigarette shops must register with the Health Department.

Rodent Complaint

Report rats, mice, or conditions that might attract them.

Sensible Tobacco Enforcement - Local Law 97

Fact sheet about laws and penalties for cigarette and other tobacco product violations in New York City.

Smoke Free Air Act Waiver

Get information about a waiver to the Smoke Free Air Act.

Smokeless Tobacco Law

Information about the smokeless tobacco rules in sports and recreational arenas.

Standing Water Complaint

Report standing water at an outdoor location.

The Human Project

Get information about a New York University research project to study the lives of New Yorkers.

Tick Information

Ticks are small bugs that bite and suck blood from people and animals.

West Nile Virus

Get information about West Nile Virus.

World Trade Center Health Assistance

Get help for people with problems related to September 11th.

Zika Virus

Information about the Zika virus.