Crash Barrier Request or Complaint

The City accepts reports of missing or damaged structures on streets or highways that are used to reduce the impact of vehicles. These structures include foam, water, and sand-filled barrels, and crash cushions, and concrete barriers. The City also accepts reports of guard rails that are loose, bent, protruding, missing, or defective.

Any service road and the following are considered streets, not highways. Please report problems on these roads as street complaints:

  • Bronx: Mount Eden Parkway and Pelham Parkway
  • Brooklyn: Eastern Parkway, Fort Hamilton Parkway, Kings Highway, and Ocean Parkway
  • Manhattan: Westside (Joe DiMaggio)
  • Queens: Conduit

You also may request the installation of concrete barriers, guard rails, bollards, crash barrels, or cushions on sidewalks, streets, or highways. The review can take up to 12 weeks.