Pedicab Business or Driver Complaint

You can file a complaint about pedicab businesses and drivers in the City, including:
• Unlicensed activity
• Missing safety equipment on pedicabs (required safety equipment includes working headlights, taillights, and turn lights, secure passenger seat belts for no more than three passengers, and an audible signaling device)
• Missing rate information for pedicab services
• Overcharging for services
• False advertising
• Missing pedicab registration plate (sticker)
• Missing seal on timer
• Missing complaint sign
• Failure to give Pedicab Information Card (receipt)

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) inspects pedicabs and pedicab timers. After an inspection, DCA:
• Puts a registration plate on the pedicab to show it passed inspection and is legal to operate.
• Puts a seal on the timer to show it passed inspection.

The required complaint sign must include the business' name, license number, telephone number, and pedicab registration number.

DCA does not take complaints about traffic violations.