Frequently Asked Questions

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How much time do I have to commit to volunteer?

Each volunteer opportunity has its own daily, weekly, or monthly need. Because of the time spent training, matching, and placing volunteers, the Department for the Aging (DFTA) ask for a minimum commitment of six months to one year of service for some opportunities.

Do I have to volunteer every day of the week for opportunities listed as Monday through Friday?

No, you may serve one or more days according to your schedule, but you must meet the program’s scheduling needs.

Where do volunteer opportunities take place?

Volunteer opportunities occur at senior centers, DFTA’s offices, in the homes of older adults, and various community sites across the five boroughs.

Your assignment will be based on your preference, but your placement may be delayed if there is no active need in your desired area. Please be flexible for faster placement.

I have vacation time planned. Can I still volunteer?


What is the volunteer application process?

After exploring the volunteer opportunities, prospective volunteers must submit an application for consideration. All volunteers must pass a background check before being placed. The process can be lengthy, so we ask for your patience as we work to ensure that you are placed in the right opportunity.

How do I get matched with a volunteer opportunity?

Volunteers are determined to be a good fit if they meet the opportunity’s requirements and have the demeanor to work with older adults.

Can I volunteer with multiple programs at the same time?


Why do I need a valid Social Security number to volunteer?

As of June 2017, all volunteers must undergo a background check, which requires a Social Security number to complete.

Is training provided for volunteers?

Yes, all programs offer some type of training.

Will I be reimbursed for travel, food, and other expenses?

Most volunteer opportunities do not offer any type of reimbursement for expenses.

Will volunteering help me secure a job?

Volunteers are not guaranteed employment with DFTA or other organizations. However, you may learn valuable skills and gain experience that may increase your employment prospects.

How do I reach the Volunteer Resource Center?

Call 212-602-4464 Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.