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The Fire Department of the City of New York offers multiple resources to help those seeking to join the ranks of the FDNY. Online candidate resources are currently available for those seeking employment as New York City Firefighters. Please note:

  • The first Probationary Firefighter Class to include candidates from Exam 7001 is scheduled to begin in May of 2019.
  • Exam#7001 is scheduled to be established on February 27th.

Do You Know Your List Number?

During the Firefighter candidate process, it is useful to know your Firefighter Exam List Number. To get the most accurate information on your list number call 212-669-1357.

For general questions on the recruitment process call 718-999-FDNY (3369).

To view your score online, go to NYC Open Data Civil Service List (active).

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)

The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) and the FDNY have begun processing individuals that received a score of 102 or higher on exam # 7001.

Practice sessions and testing, for the above mentioned individuals, will begin in October 2018 and conclude in February 2019.

Practice sessions are different from Training sessions. Passing one of the two practice tests counts for passing the CPAT. This means that you have three chances to pass the CPAT. The Final Test will be given in December. If you pass a practice test before then you will not need to take the Final Test.

If you receive a notice in the mail but are unable to attend your physical test date, you may reschedule for another test date during specific times during that round of testing by calling 718-937-4721.

Applicant Resources

The Tutorial Preparation Booklet has been assembled to help prepare FDNY Applicants for the upcoming New York City Firefighter exam. This booklet will provide you with valuable test and note-taking tips, along with sample math and reading comprehension exercises.

Firefighter Candidate Prep

While at the FDNY Training Academy, Firefighter Candidates undergo 18 weeks of intensive work. Overall grades at the Fire Academy include an assessment of in-class exams, academics and physical fitness performance.

Videos Resources

To help Firefighter Candidates succeed, the Fire Department offers a series of videos on: Understanding the FDNY Candidate Medical Evaluation Process, Probationary Firefighter School, How to Read an FDNY Document Correctly, Effective Study Habits, How to Perform Better on FDNY Exam, An Overview of Physical Fitness Standards and two Probationary Firefighters School Physical Training Videos.  

Document Resources

The following document resources are available for Firefighter Candidates to download and review.

Guide to FDNY Candidate Medical Assessments

As part of the Fire Department's medical assessment, Firefighter Candidates are required to fill-out certain forms or portions of forms. As a resource to Firefighter Candidates, a sample of these forms are listed below. Please note, Firefighter Candidates are not required to print any form, as all forms will be supplied to you by the Fire Department's Bureau of Health Services (BHS).

Medical Assessment FAQs

Affiliated Organizations

Many FDNY Affinity Groups provide academic and physical training services throughout the hiring process. Interested Firefighter Applicants and Candidates should contact the organizations directly to find out what services they offer. FDNY Affinity Groups assist in strengthening the Department’s ongoing partnership with uniformed members and the community while leading initiatives that celebrate heritage.