Common Reasons for Disputing a Ticket

Defective Ticket
A ticket is not valid when the legally required information on it is missing or not accurate. When you request a hearing, we will review the ticket for these defects and dismiss it if any are found.
Permits for People with Disabilities

If you have a New York City issued parking permit for people with disabilities and get a ticket for parking in an authorized spot, follow the directions on the back of your permit. For more information go to NYC DOT.
Broken Muni Meter

If a Muni meter is broken, then you are required to purchase a parking receipt from the nearest Muni meter on the same block or within the same municipal lot. If all muni meters on the block are broken or missing, you can only park for the maximum time on the posted sign.
Signs that are Missing or Hard to Read

If the signs on the block were missing, hard to read, or different from what they say on your ticket, you should submit clear photographs of the entire block from corner to corner with your defense.
Evidence Recommendations
For more details and information, read our brochures on the Dispute a Ticket page.