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Apply Now For 2021-2022 School Year

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the 2021-2022 NYC Junior Ambassadors cohort. New York City 7th grade educators and classrooms from all subject areas are invited to apply on behalf of one of their classrooms or after school program.

Educators taking part in the NYC Junior Ambassadors program are required to include the UN in their classroom / after school curriculum. For example, a science teacher might wish to focus on climate change by developing lesson plans that teach youth about the issue and daily actions they could take to protect the environment (for example, recycling, organizing climate justice teach-ins, etc.).

Benefits of participating in the NYC Junior Ambassadors program include:

  • Curate tour of the United Nations headquarters and briefing from an expert matched to the class's curricular interests
  • Classroom visits from a United Nations diplomat who will provide an overview of their role in New York City and within the international community
  • Year-end event celebration with the entire cohort of NYC Junior Ambassadors
  • Access to plethora of partners and NYC agencies for resources and potential collaborations

Educators applying to NYC Junior Ambassadors agree to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Serve as point of contact for NYC Junior Ambassadors
  • Develop curriculum based on the United Nations and your chosen subject area
  • Ensure students are present and prepared to partake in mandatory NYC Junior Ambassadors activities
  • Guide students through all curriculum activities, including discussions, and other projects
  • Participate in mandatory educator meetings/workshops
  • Update the Mayor's Office for International Affairs on significant events and milestones reached in the program
  • Publicize NYC Junior Ambassadors in your school
  • Participate in the year end project and attend the year end ceremony
  • At the conclusion of the program, share educational materials, including lessons plans, year-end project with the Mayor's Office for International Affairs

Do you have questions about the program or application process? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page or email