Calendar of Meetings – August 2022

This calendar is subject to change, please confirm at CB3 website

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee

Monday, August 22 at 6:30pm
By Phone: +1 646 518 9805, +1 929 205 6099
Meeting ID: 921 9931 7942

Applicants must submit withdrawals and residents must submit materials and agreements by email by Friday noon before meeting

  1. Approval of previous month's minutes
  2. Amend resolution regarding Administrative Approvals to correct stipulations for time as well as class change


  1. Time (Time Cafe LLC), 105 Canal St (op/alt: reconfigure seating from 1 table/5 seats, 3 counter stools to 5 tables, 10 seats, 10 barstools, 3 counter seats, removal of office, relocation of food prep area to area behind bar/method of operation: extend hours to 2am daily)

New Liquor License Applications

  1. Lava Ground (Seasoned Lower Level LLC), 4 St Marks Pl (wb)
  2. Corp to be formed by Mike Droney, 23 Ave A (op)
  3. Corp to be formed by Nathan Adler, 42 Market St (op)
  4. Heaven's Cookies LLC, 47 2nd Ave (wb)(withdrawn)
  5. Buddha Bodai Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant (Buddha Bodai Two Kosher Vegetarian Restaurant Inc), 77 Mulberry St (op) (withdrawn)
  6. Sabo SP LLC, 90 E 10th St (upgrade to op) (withdrawn)
  7. Sohogozo LLC, 91-93 Baxter St (op)
  8. Jiang Nan (Friendship Foods One Inc), 103 Bowery (upgrade to op)
  9. Entity to be formed by Jess Goldfarb, 109 Ludlow St (op) (withdrawn)
  10. Corp to be Formed, 141 Chrystie St (op) (withdrawn)
  11. El Primo Red Tacos (El Primo Red Tacos NYC LLC), 151 Ave A (wb)
  12. Caribea (Caribea LLC), 203 Allen St (op)
  13. Congee House Inc, 207 Bowery (op)
  14. Corp to be formed by Ronan Downs, 210 Ave A (op)
  15. Cafe Joah (Fat Social Club LLC), 212 Ave A (op)
  16. Two Snakes LLC, 318 Grand St (op)

Items not heard at Committee

  1. Fat Choy (China Bull LLC), 250 Broome St (Store E) (wb/corp change)
  2. The Public New York (215 Chrystie LLC, IS Chrystie Management LLC, JJ Hospitality 2 LLC), 215 Chrystie St (op/alt: relocate 17th floor customer bar from east side of floor to middle of floor, reduction of tables and seats)
  3. Group Gem LLC, 19-21 Clinton St (wb)
  4. Immersive Gamebox (Immersive Group Gaming NY LLC), 81 Essex St (wb)
  5. Kitchen Co Ut (Kitchen Co Ut Inc), 85 Chrystie St (wb)
  6. 75 Degrees Coffeehouse & Bakery (J&J 4U LLC), 93 1/2 E 7th St (wb)
  7. Cafe Mocha Inc, 111 1st Ave (North Store) (wb)
  8. Ays Sushi LLC, 120 St Marks Pl (wb)
  9. Unique Omakase (Unique Up Inc), 120 1/2 1st Ave (wb)
  10. No One Home (Footy Haus LLC), 141 Chrystie St (2nd Fl) (wb)
  11. Tiptara (Purngun LLC), 213 E B'way (wb)
  12. 61 Hester LLC, 61 Hester St (wb)
  13. Vote to adjourn

b=beer & cider | wb=wine, beer & cider | op=liquor, wine, beer & cider | alt=alterations

August 17 is the last day for the public to submit September agenda items