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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The MOSPCE team has a combined experience of 120+ years in event planning and production. With a keen eye toward detail, and with a firm commitment to create meaningful events that are content-rich and progressive, the MOSPCE team produces opportunity and atmosphere that strengthen the bonds between New Yorkers.

  • Melissa A. Browne
    Executive Director

  • Gerald Augustin
    Director of Finance

  • Jayson Littman
    Director of Event Management

  • Jason Parker
    Events Operations Manager

  • Marcy Isaacson
    Senior Event Manager

  • Michelle Crutchfield
    Senior Event Specialist

  • Jasmine Shields
    Event Manager

  • Steven J. Brown
    Event Coordinator

  • Skylar Young
    Event Coordinator

  • Katie Kubis
    Event Coordinator