Message from District Manager

As the new District Manager of Community Board 11 I serve some of the greatest neighborhoods in the City of New York. I stand to assist you, the public, on all issues from the delivery of City Services, to city planning, and the coordination of Community Board public hearings. Luckily, I have an excellent office staff in Jane and Christina and invaluable institutional knowledge of current Board Members who date back to 1969.   We all contribute to our mission: To increase the quality of life for our families and neighbors, while elevating local civil discourse, and building a greater New York City.

Historically, it was the Community Planning Boards that would come together to make decisions on building variances, budgetary needs, and suggest changes to the local zoning text. Over the decades, the Community Boards began an active role in suggesting and voting on street designs, mass transit alternatives, local Liquor Licensures, infrastructure projects, public parks, and even public health initiatives. Today we can assist you with the 311 system to facilitate with repairs of public property, garbage pickup and social services. We are your Mini-Town-Hall; a one-stop shop to connect you and navigate you through all City Government.

As Mayor Fiorello La Guardia famously said, "There is no Democratic or Republican way of cleaning the streets." In Community Board 11, we are all neighbors first. Please do not hesitate to call us on any issue, big or small, to help in any way we can.

Thank you,

Joseph Marziliano
District Manager
Community Board 11