Current Projects

Current Projects

To view Capital Projects in Community Board 5, Queens, click on map below. You will be directed to new page, where you can click on bottom right of screen "Show Additional Data Map" and then check "Capital Projects".

Queens Community Board 5 Map

These are some of the current and upcoming capital construction projects for the Community Board 5, Queens area:

Roadways Milling and Resurfacing

The N.Y. City Dept. of Transportation, through the Bureau of Highways, has recently had roadways milled and resurfaced in District 5, Queens. Work started in early October with the milling away of surface asphalt in preparation for resurfacing. Crews have improved roads primarily In the Maspeth area bordered by the Queens Midtown Expressway, Grand Avenue, Hamilton Place and 58 Place; in the Maspeth area bordered by Grand Avenue, the Queens Midtown Expressway, Mazeau Street and 69 Lane; in the Middle Village area bordered by the Queens Midtown Expressway, Eliot Avenue, 80 Street and 74 Street; in the Glendale area bordered by Myrtle Avenue, Cooper Avenue, Cypress Avenue and Cypress Hills Street; in the Middle Village area bordered by Eliot Avenue, Metropolitan Avenue, Mount Olivet Crescent and Fresh Pond Road; and in the Ridgewood area bordered by Putnam Avenue, Catalpa Avenue, Fresh Pond Road and Forest Avenue.

The condition of roadways and public transit has, for many years, been a priority for Community Board 5, considering the importance of transportation for residents and business.

Safe Routes to Schools Improvements for Intermediate School 77, in Ridgewood and for Saint Stanislaus Kostka, in Maspeth

The NYC DOT, in cooperation with the NYC Dept. of Design and Construction (DDC) has virtually completed the pedestrian safety improvements projects for I.S. 77 and for Saint Stans. Work performed or planned for completion includes: extending curb lines to reduce intersection crossing distances for students and other pedestrians; installing new sidewalks, curbing, corner pedestrian ramps and improved pavement markings; and in some instances performing traffic signal improvements, street lighting upgrades and landscaping.

Schools prioritized by NYC DOT for pedestrian and traffic safety improvements were selected from among the 1,471 public and private schools in N.Y. City, based on accidents and traffic injuries at locations close to the particular school.

Construction of a New Public School at 360 Seneca Avenue, in Ridgewood

A new school, for approximately 470 elementary school students, is well under construction. When completed by September, 2015, the school will be 4 stories tall and contain 73,000 square feet of finished space, to include: classrooms, a gym/auditorium, a cafeteria/dining area, a library, offices and a playground. This was the location of Saint Aloysius School for many years. This new school should relieve overcrowding in other area public schools. We thank the NY City School Construction Authority and the Dept. of Education for finding solutions to overcrowded schools, especially in Community School District 24, which is often the most overcrowded school district in NYC.

New Sewer Lines and Water Mains Along Parts of 69 Street and Calamus Avenue (Project #: SE-814)

In an important effort to reduce flooding in area streets and homes, the N.Y. City Dept. of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) in cooperation with the NYC DDC plans to have a private contractor install a large 5 foot by 8 foot concrete sewer line in 69 Street, from Calamus Avenue to Queens Boulevard, and in Calamus Avenue, from 69 Street to 74 Street. This multi-million dollar project will also include installation of: new water mains, corner catch basins, curbing and street tree plantings in this area of Woodside and Maspeth. Con Edison is almost done with movement of electrical lines related to this project, and excavation of the roadway has begun with water main installations. Near the expected completion of this $ 24 million project, roadways will be resurfaced. Completion is expected in Autumn, 2016.

After the devastating rains in the summer of 2007, we advocated for significant upgrades to area sewer lines, especially to provide more sewers capacity during expected future rainstorms.

New Water Mains for Eastern Glendale (Project #: QED-1015)

This water mains installation project began in late October, 2014, with National Grid having gas lines moved in preparation for upcoming water mains installation. N.Y. City has been consistently upgrading the water distribution system for more than a decade. The area of Glendale where work is to be performed is primarily bordered by: 77 Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Union Turnpike, 88 St. & 84 Street.

This work is scheduled to be completed by spring, 2015.

New Sewer Lines and Water Mains for the Penelope Avenue Area of Middle Village (Project #: SEQ 2693)

This important capital project is expected to begin with water mains installation no sooner than December, 2014, but, with cold weather likely coming actual excavation and installation may be delayed until Spring, 2015. The planned sewer system improvements associated with this project will not begin until the water mains are installed. Plans are to install an 11 foot by 6.5 foot diameter concrete box sewer in 74 Street, between Juniper Boulevard South and Penelope Avenue, which will add significantly more sewer capacity during severe storms. In addition, existing sewer lines in Penelope Avenue, from 71 Street to 74 Street; in Juniper Valley Road, from 74 Street to 77 Street; in Gray Street, from Juniper Valley Road to 66 Drive; in 77 Street, from Juniper Valley Road to Gray Street; in 66 Road, from Gray Street to 77 Street; and in 75 Street, from Juniper Valley Road to 66 Drive will be replaced by substantially larger sewer lines.

National Grid has started to have gas lines moved in some of the project streets, in preparation for installation of new water mains and sewer lines. While temporary asphalt has been used to cover the installation of the gas lines in the sidewalks, new sidewalks will be installed where the gas lines are relocated. Near the end of the overall project, roadways will be resurfaced where new water mains and sewer lines were installed. The project will take up to 2 years for completion.

Like the project planned for 69 Street and Calamus Avenue, the installation of new sewers in this Penelope Avenue area is another component of what NYC DEP and NYC DDC put forth, in an effort to reduce streets and basements flooding during severe rainstorms.

Jackie Robinson Parkway Roadway and Signage Improvements

Beginning this in Autumn, 2014, the N.Y. State Dept. of Transportation is expected to mill away the asphalt roadway surface of the Jackie Robinson Parkway, repair the concrete base, resurface the roadway, replace concrete barriers along the center median, replace guide rails, replace curve warning signage and install reflective delineators for the parkway length. With cold weather coming, the likelihood is that the great majority of the roadway improvement work planned will not begin until Spring, 2015.

Historic Onderdonk House Improvements

This current project is complete. Improvements performed primarily include installation of a new roof on the historic Onderdonk House, which is located at 1820 Flushing Avenue, at Onderdonk Avenue, in Ridgewood.

New Kosciuszko Bridge Project

The Kosciuszko Bridge, which is an integral part of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, will be replaced with two separate bridges during the next 6 years. Problems with the existing bridge include steep grades, travel lanes that are too narrow, inadequate site distances and a lack of roadway shoulder.

Work should begin on construction of the first of the two bridges by Spring, 2015. The contractor for this $550 million dollar NY State Department of Transportation Project is Skanska Construction Company. The existing Kosciuszko Bridge will continue to allow vehicle traffic flow until the two new bridges are constructed. The existing bridge has a maximum deck height of 120 feet above Newtown Creek. The new bridges will have a bridge deck maximum height of approximately 90 feet. This bridge project is 1.1 miles long. We are hopeful that efforts are made by the State and the contractor to have much of the bridge construction material brought in by barge to the construction site. For more information, please go to the NYS Department of Transportation site.

Construction of a Pedestrian Plaza on Myrtle Avenue at 71st Avenue in Ridgewood

Construction is scheduled to begin by September 2015 and be completed by September 2016. There is a popular temporary plaza at this location now. The Myrtle Avenue Queens BID plans to expand the activities currently held at the triangle during the Fall Street Festival and Christmas Photos to possibly include farmers & craft markets, music, children’s events, temporary art installations, and other holiday events.

Construction of a Pedestrian Plaza at the Myrtle Avenue/70th Street/Cooper Avenue Intersection, in Glendale

We are hopeful that construction will begin by the end of the Calendar Year 2015. This project will take up to one year to complete. The Ridgewood LDC will work to have the plaza support activity along the commercial corridor by providing seating, public art, and events.

Citywide Congested Corridors Project – Woodhaven Boulevard

The Citywide Congested Corridors Project is a planning study of fourteen busy roadways across five boroughs, with the goals of improving mobility, air quality, safety, and the quality of life for all of the street's users, as described in PlaNYC. Woodhaven Boulevard, in our Community Board Area, is one of the fourteen roadways where safety improvements resulting from this study will be implemented. For more information, please visit the site.

Woodhaven – Cross Bay Boulevards Select Bus Service

Woodhaven and Cross Bay Boulevards extend north-south across Queens, between Queens Boulevard and the Rockaway Peninsula. The roadways are wide, with up to five travel lanes in each direction at certain points. The corridor carries heavy volumes of general traffic, along with over 30,000 bus riders per day riding on multiple local, Limited-Stop, and Express routes. The high speeds and traffic volumes on the corridor create safety issues that affect all users. The New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) has been studying Woodhaven Boulevard and making improvements for several years, and is now working with MTA Bus to evaluate the possibility of implementing Select Bus Service on the corridor. Please visit the site for more information.