About SI Community Board 3

Community Board #3 on the south shore is frequently referred to as Staten Island's last frontier. Community Board #3 is 22.8 miles with 17 towns within our boundaries. From 1990 to 2000 the population increased by 20.4%. Tottenville is the fastest growing town at 54%, and has the highest household median income. Foreign-born population comprises 12% of our population. By 2030, the elderly population within Community Board #3 is expected to double as their lifespan increases and they remain in the district longer.

Our rural character is appealing and has spurred rapid population growth, a surge of new homes, and commercial development. Sections of the south shore still rely on septic systems because the City cannot keep pace with our growth. The community defeated overdevelopment and secured down-zoned neighborhoods to protect and lessen the burden on infrastructure. The legendary Fresh Kills Landfill has been closed, wetlands and bluebelts have been created, parkland has been developed, and precious open space has been protected forever. Community Board #3 must safeguard the character of our community, focusing on needs, while successfully managing the design of our growth.