New York City Teens Connection

New York City Teens Connection (NYCTC) is a program that builds on the successful efforts of Bronx Teens Connection to implement evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention and increase access to adolescent sexual health care by expanding in the Bronx and adding two additional geographic communities in NYC. Funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) in 2015, NYCTC will work through local partnerships and existing systems to bring evidence-based sexual health education programs and clinic linkages to 15,000 young people ages 14-19 annually. NYCTC will work in three geographic communities with teen birth rates that are persistently higher than the national average of 26.6 per 1,000 females ages 15-19: the majority of the Bronx (42.8 per 1,000), North and Central Brooklyn (34.2 per 1,000) and Port Richmond, Staten Island (33.3 per 1,000).

Citywide, Community-Based Plan

NYCTC  brings  together  youth,  parents,  community-based  organizations,  schools,  clinics,  and  citywide agencies in a comprehensive effort to reduce unintended teen pregnancy. Through this initiative, youth in NYC will become knowledgeable about their sexual and reproductive health, have access to the information and resources they need to make healthy decisions, and be empowered to act on these decisions. NYCTC’s components include:

Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs (EBPs)
NYCTC’s partners will implement EBPs among 15,000 youth per year in four settings:

  • High schools (Traditional, Transfer, and International)
  • Clinics (DOHMH Sexual Health and community-based)
  • Foster Care (in mandatory Family Planning counseling sessions)
  • Local Colleges (among age-appropriate students)

Access to Quality Clinical Services
NYCTC will link partnering high schools, foster care agencies and colleges to local “teen-accessible” partnering clinics that provide high-quality sexual and reproductive health services to teens and young adults. Youth will also be able to experience a visit to a teen-accessible clinic within each EBP.

Community Engagement
NYCTC will create, convene, and sustain Community Advisory Groups and Youth Leadership Councils in each geographic area. These groups will inform the development and implementation of a plan for strategic local and/or citywide communications efforts.

NYCTC  will  implement an evaluation plan that includes  regular  monitoring of key process and outcome measures for each component, which will provide the basis for assessing the impact of the program, and for continual improvements in implementation.

Building a Citywide, Community-Based Model

By working together with all of our community partners, citywide  agencies, and other relevant stakeholders, New York City Teens Connection will succeed in improving the health and lives of teens and young adults. Through this collaborative effort, we will build a sustainable model that will change the trajectory of adolescent sexual health citywide.

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