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The Fire Department has completed a three-year review of the New York City Fire Code and the 2012, 2015 and 2018 editions of the International Fire Code, the model code upon which the New York City Fire Code is based. The review was conducted with the participation of real estate, building management, architectural and engineering societies; trade associations, public utility organizations and others, in consultation with the New York City Council and the Department of Buildings.

The Fire Department posted in May 2021 on this webpage its proposed Fire Code amendments and invited public comment. An on-line public forum was conducted on June 15, 2021.

The Fire Department carefully considered all of the comments presented during the four-hour public forum and all written comments that were received. It revised the proposed Fire Code to address many of the concerns expressed.

The Fire Department now posts its proposed Fire Code local law, which is being transmitted to the City Council for its consideration. The Fire Code amendments enacted into law will be published as the 2021 New York City Fire Code.

The full text of the proposed 2021 New York City Fire Code Local Law (with amendments shown) can be viewed here:

Proposed text deletions are shown by [brackets]. New text is underlined.

A summary of the Fire Code amendments that the Fire Department deems to be the most significant and/or likely to be of interest (revised to reflect the changes made since June 2021 in response to public forum comment) and an explanation of some of the main changes, can be viewed here:

New York City Council Proceedings

The New York City Council will conduct proceedings on the proposed Fire Code local law once it is introduced. The public may attend the proceedings and request to speak at its hearings. For additional information, see the Council’s website,

Additional Public Comment

The Fire Code local law has been finalized for introduction as a proposed local law and, once introduced, cannot be amended at the Fire Department’s discretion. However, the public may continue to submit written comments on the proposed Fire Code amendments using this public comment form or by emailing them to