M/WBE Building Opportunity Initiative

M/WBE Building Opportunity Initiative

HPD is committed to promoting the participation of Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBE) and non-profit organizations in the development and management of affordable housing subsidized under City-sponsored programs. Through the M/WBE Building Opportunity Initiative, HPD seeks to address demonstrated disparities in M/WBE participation in affordable housing development, strengthen the affordable housing development industry, and further its mission of providing safe and affordable housing to all New Yorkers.

The City introduced a new equitable ownership requirement to strengthen the role of M/WBEs and non-profits on affordable housing projects developed on City-owned sites. The new equitable ownership requirement, implemented by HPD, will require that an M/WBE or non-profit partner holds a minimum of 25 percent ownership stake in any affordable housing project awarded on public land.


Many of our staff are teleworking during this time and still available to take your questions. You can contact us at:

Building Capacity Course

HPD is hosting the Building Capacity Course for M/WBE developers and non-profit developers seeking networking opportunities and exposure to best practices in affordable housing development. Participants will have the opportunity to learn effective business planning, financial management, and strategies for winning and managing New York City government-supported projects. 

Economic Opportunity and Inclusion Program (EOIP)

The Economic Opportunity and Inclusion Programs (EOIP) was created to expand the use of M/WBE construction contractors and professional service providers on HPD-financed development projects. These programs include the M/WBE Build Up and HPD Build-Out Programs and hiring initiatives including the Job Outreach Plan, HireNYC, and HUD Section 3.

M/WBE Building Opportunity RFP

To address the disparity in M/WBE developer participation, HPD championed state legislation that now permits the agency to take additional steps to encourage M/WBEs' participation in the affordable housing development market. The legislation enabled the creation of a competitive M/WBE Developers PQL of M/WBE developers and dedicated pipeline of City-owned sites that was competitively solicited through the M/WBE Building Opportunity RFP.

New York City Acquisition Fund 

The New York City Acquisition Fund offers flexible bridge loans for vacant sites or occupied buildings, predevelopment, and moderate rehabilitation to developers committed to the creation or preservation of affordable and/or supportive rental housing across the five boroughs. 

Marketing Agent Training

HPD partnered with LISC NYC and Enterprise to create a free training for firms to gain essential skills to act as marketing agents for affordable housing projects. While not a requirement, this training can help firms become qualified marketing agents through the Qualified Marketing Agent RFQ.

Interested firms should review the Marketing Agent Training webpage for information about offerings and to apply.

Additional Resources

Get M/WBE Certified

Not Yet Certified? The NYC Online Certification Portal for M/WBEs makes it easier to get certified. For more information, visit NYC Business Solutions.

The M/WBE Leadership Association

Contact any one of the following community organizations that have received funding through the City Council for personalized guidance on government contracting for potential or City-certified M/WBEs, assistance in connecting entrepreneurs to potential customers, aid in the development of bids and proposals, assistance in securing project financing and bonding, and the promotion and marketing of the City's M/WBE Program:

M/WBE RFP Training

HPD hosted an online training on December 8, 2020 for M/WBE and non-profit developers, including an introduction to affordable housing, responding to RFPs, assembling a team/joint venture, and a presentation by the Community Preservation Corporation. More information from the training materials is available below: