Executive Staff and Division Chiefs

Executive Staff and Division Chiefs

Executive Staff

Hon. Sylvia O. Hinds-Radix
Corporation Counsel of the City of New York

Steven Stein Cushman
First Assistant Corporation Counsel

Muriel Goode-Trufant
Managing Attorney

Ashley Iodice
Chief of Staff

Richard Dearing
Executive Assistant Corporation Counsel for Appeals

Eric Eichenholtz
Chief Assistant for Employment Policy and Litigation

Karlyne Fequiere
Chief Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Officer

Stephen Louis
Executive Assistant Corporation Counsel for Legal Counsel

Sheryl Neufeld
Chief Assistant for Regulatory Law and Policy

Nicholas Paolucci
Director of Public Affairs and Press Secretary

Kate O’Brien Ahlers
Director of Internal Communications and Special Projects

June Witterschein
Director of Professional and Organizational Development

Lillian Evans
Director of Legal Recruitment

Division Chiefs

Support Divisions

Jennie Nagle-Yndigoyen

Sandra Metallo-Barragan

Intekhab Shakil
Information Technology

Jonathan Pinn

John Hupper
Litigation Support and Information Management


Legal Divisions

Michelle Goldberg-Cahn
Administrative Law and Regulatory Litigation 

Gail Rubin
Affirmative Litigation

Richard Dearing

Richard Schulsohn
Commercial and Real Estate Litigation

Amrita Barth
Contracts and Real Estate

Betty Woo
Economic Development

Hilary Meltzer
Environmental Law

Jennifer Gilroy Ruiz
Family Court

Peter Farrell
General Litigation

Andrea O'Connor
Labor and Employment Law

Stephen Louis
Legal Counsel

Albert Rodriguez
Municipal Finance

Patricia Miller
Special Federal Litigation

Tax and Bankruptcy Litigation

Fay Leoussis

Paul Zaragoza
Workers' Compensation