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Recent reports show a lack of diversity in the film industry for women, people of color, LGBT individuals, people with disabilities and others, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera:

  • Women directed only 4% of the top grossing films of 2014, while people of color directed 13%
  • Women and people of color accounted for less than 10% of writers of the top grossing films in 2014
  • People of color had 13% of lead roles in the 163 top grossing films of 2014, and women had 26%
  • Only 4% of the 4,610 speaking characters in the 100 top grossing films of 2014 were lesbian, gay, bisexual, and zero were transgender.
  • People with disabilities make up nearly 20% of our population, but fewer than 1% of TV characters. Of the 1% on television, only 5% of those characters with disabilities are played by actual actors with disabilities. (Source - Ruderman Foundation)

#NominateNYC is a new initiative that will work towards bringing greater diversity to the film and entertainment industry. Until January 1, #NominateNYC invites New York City-based entertainment professionals to nominate themselves or someone they know for consideration for membership to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The "Academy"). We encourage candidates to review the requirements and indicate qualifications for possible consideration for sponsorship within one of the Academy’s 17 branches. For the requirements within the specific branches, click the links below:

Actors | Associates | Associates (Artists' Representatives) | Casting Directors | Cinematographers | Costume Designers | Designers | Directors | Documentary | Executives | Film Editors | Makeup Artists and Hairstylists | Members-At-Large | Members-At-Large (Creative Science and Technology) | Members-At-Large (Production) | Members-At-Large (Stunt Coordinators) | Music | Producers | Public Relations | Short Films and Feature Animation | Sound | Visual Effects | Writers

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#NominateNYC is also a resource for individuals interested in learning more about membership in the guilds, unions and other relevant film industry associations. See below for links to some of these organizations.

Associated Musicians of Greater New York: Local 802 AFM | Casting Society of America | Directors Guild of America | International Cinematographers Guild, Local 600 IATSE | Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists: Local 798 | Motion Picture Editor's Guild | New York Women in Film and Television | Producers Guild of America | SAG-AFTRA | Writers Guild of America East