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Virtual Resources For All Ages



Harry Potter at Home Digital HUB

The Harry Potter at Home Digital HUB has all kinds of activities to keep youth occupied including videos, articles, quizzes and puzzles. Great for elementary school age youth.

10-Minute Workout for Teenagers

10-Minute Workout for Teenagers - A quick 10 minute full body workout for teens without equipment.

Exercise Games and Indoor Activities to get children moving - Exercise-games-indoor-activities-for-kids In door exercises children can do at home.

40 Child friendly Chair Yoga Poses - A list of basic chair yoga poses that could be used in the classroom, homeschool or in small spaces.

15 Easy and Exciting Indoor Physical Education Ideas - Fun educational ideas for homeschoolers. .

Fitness-health Apps for teens - 7 health and fitness apps suggested for teens.

Breathing Exercise for Children

Fun breathing exercise for children to help them manage their emotions with pictures.

Little Bins for Little Hands Fun indoor exercises for children. Simple ways for children to burn some energy.

Homeschool PE Activities In door physical activities with links to external resources.

YouTube Pilates for Children

Pilates for Children YouTube playlist of Pilate exercise for children.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater - Ailey dancers are not performing in a theater, so they wanted to make sure you can still find comfort and joy in the beauty of dance by virtually connecting with their performances. For a limited time, Ailey is sharing full length videos of the Company performing on stage!

Blocks Rock - Streaming videos of zoos, parks, aquariums and out-door spaces.