Index to July 1999 Archives of the Mayor's Press Office

Topic Date PR Number
Announces Economic Aid for Businesses Affected by Blackout July 31, 1999 310-99
Offers Advice on Ways to Conserve Water in Light of Record High Heat and Potential Drought July 30, 1999 308-99
Announces the Implementation of Medicaid Managed Care in New York City July 31, 1999 307-99
Receives "Hero of Freedom Award" from the Be'er Hagolah Institutes July 29, 1999 305-99
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and Police Commissioner Howard Safir Today Issued the Following Statement Calling for the end of Parole in New York State and for the State Assembly to Pass the "Police Officer Vincent Guidice Memorial Act" July 24, 1999 304a-99
Attends Opening Ceremonies for the 1999 Invacare World Team Cup July 26, 1999 303-99
Accepts Award from the Sporting News Recognizing New York City as the Best Sports City in the U.S. and Canada July 22, 1999 302-99
Proclaims 1999 U.S. Women's Soccer Team World Cup Championship Day in New York City July 21, 1999 301-99
Presents New York Yankee Pitcher David Cone with the Key to the City July 20, 1999 300-99
Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani Regarding John F. Kennedy Jr. July 19, 1999 299-99
Proclaims "Harlem Week" in New York City and Salutes 25 Years of Harlem Festivities July 21, 1999 298-99
Mayor Giuliani's Statement on New York Yankees Pitcher David Cone's Perfect Game Against the Montreal Expos on Yogi Berra Day July 18, 1999 297-99
Welcomes Competitors for the 84th AnnualNathan's Famous 4th of July Internatlonal Hot Dog EatingContest at Coney Island to City Hall July 15, 1999 296-99
Builds on Successful Domestic Violence Campaign with Three Innovative New Programs July 26, 1999 295-99
Draws First 10 Names in 1999 New York City Marathon Lottery July 20, 1999 294-99
Advises New Yorkers on Ways to Beat the Heat July 16, 1999 293-99
Announces New York City'sJob Growth on Record Pace July 15, 1999 292-99
Issued the Following Statement Regarding the Impasse in the Northern Ireland Peace Process July 15, 1999 290-99
Signs Bill in Relation to Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention and the Repeal of Local Law 1 of 1982 July 15, 1999 289-99
Mayor Giuliani and Corporation Counsel Michael Hess Announce Lawsuit Against Con Edison on Behalf of City of New York, its Residents and the Board of Education July 15, 1999 288-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces that Four Insurance Companies Sign Contract with the New York Health Purchasing Alliance July 14, 1999 287-99
Helps Re-dedicate 666 Fifth Avenue After its $20-million Renovation July 14, 1999 286-99
Helps Re-dedicate 666 Fifth Avenue After its $20-million Renovation July 14, 1999 285-99
Announces 17 Companies to Expand in New York City with Help from Industrial Development Agency July 26, 1999 284-99
Mayor Giuliani And Sumitomo Realty And Development Company Rededicate 666 Fifth Avenue July 14, 1999 282-99
Mayor Giuliani and Queens Borough President Claire Shulman Place Friendly Wager on Yankees/Mets Subway Series July 9, 1999 281-99
Signs Bill that Extends the Sunset Provision of Local Law 45 of 1992, with regard to Family Daycare Homes, for three months, to October 15, 1999 July 9, 1999 280-99
Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Anne McGarvey Way," to Sampson Avenue in Staten Island July 9, 1999 279-99
Signs Bill that Names the Bay Eighth Street Ballfields in Brooklyn as the "Anthony Mosomillo Memorial Ballfields" July 9, 1999 278-99
Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Police Officer Charles Oddo Interchange," to the Entire 65th to 67th Street Interchange on the Belt Parkway, in Brooklyn July 9, 1999 277-99
Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Rev. Dr. Beasley Way" on Tompkins Avenue between Broad Street and Vanderbilt Avenue in Staten Island July 9, 1999 275-99
Mayor Giuliani Announces 125th Street Gateway VenturesSelected to Develop Site in East Harlem July 6, 1999 274-99
Mayor Giuliani Advises New Yorkers on Ways to Beat the Heat July 6, 1999 272-99
Issued the Following Statement Regarding the Death of Author Mario Puzo July 2, 1999 271-99
Mayor Giuliani and ACS Commissioner Scoppetta Thank the New York Mets and the Chase Manhattan Bank for Supporting Baseball is for Kids Program July 7, 1999 269-99
Signs Bill that Adds the Name "Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Fennell Street," to Moore Street between Bushwick Avenue and White Street, in Brooklyn July 9, 1999 268-99
Announces Steinway & Sons will Remain in New York City July 16, 1999 267-99
Appoints Two Judges to the Civil Courts July 1, 1999 266-99

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