Meet the Staff

Executive Team

Executive Director

Jonathan Darche, Esq.

Deputy Executive Directors

Matthew Kadushin, Esq., General Counsel
Andrea Robinson, Esq., Chief Prosecutor
Jeanine Marie, Deputy Executive Director of Administration
Harya Tarekegn, Esq., Senior Counsel to the Executive Director & Director of Policy & Advocacy  
Yojaira Alvarez, Senior Advisor to the Executive Director & Director of Intergovernmental Affairs
Mercer “Monte” Givhan Esq., Chief of Investigations

Senior Staff


Carl Esposito, Director of Information Technology
David B. Douek, Director of Operations & Budget
Jennelle Brooks, Director of Human Resources
LaShawn Lindsey, Director of Recruitment
Sorin Vatavu, Supervisor of Information Technology & EEO Officer

Administrative Prosecution Unit

Suzanne D. O'Hare, Esq., Deputy Chief Prosecutor  

External Affairs

Eshwarie Mahadeo, Director of Case Management
Clio Calvo-Platero, Senior Communications Advisor
Jahi Rose, Director of Outreach
Lincoln MacVeagh, Director of Analytics & New Application Development
Rudy Marrajh, Supervisor of Case Management

General Counsel's Office

Elizabeth Seymour, Esq., Assistant General Counsel & Deputy Chief of Investigations
Heather Cook, Esq., Assistant General Counsel & Deputy Chief of Investigations
Jacqueline Levy, Esq., Records Access Officer
Kerry Jamieson, Esq., Assistant General Counsel

Investigations Division

Alexander Opoku-Agyemang, Investigations Manager
Carlmais Johnson, Investigations Manager
Christopher DeNitto, Director of NYPD Relations & Intake
Daniel Giansante, Investigations Manager
Edwin Peña, Investigations Manager
Eric Rigie, Investigations Manager
Ethan De Angelo, Investigations Manager
Jessica Peña, Investigations Manager
Joy Almeyda, Investigations Manager
Laura Kastner, Investigations Manager
Monique West, Investigations Manager
Olas Carayannis, Deputy Chief of Special Operations
Raquel Velasquez, Investigations Manager
Vanessa Rosen, Investigations Manager

Training and Staff Development

Jennifer Jarett, Director of Training

Mediation Unit

Lisa Grace Cohen, Esq., Director of Mediation & EEO Counselor
Rosemary Espinal, Mediation Supervisor