Climate Change & Public Health

Climate change is a major, long-lasting change in temperature, rainfall, wind or other type of weather. It is caused by burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal. Burning these fuels increases the levels of gases like carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. These gases, called greenhouse gases, stay in the atmosphere, where they hold in heat from the Earth's surface, warming the Earth over time.

Scientists predict that New York City will face these challenges related to climate change:

Extreme weather can cause or worsen health problems, including:

Children, older adults, people with illnesses or disabilities, and people in low-income communities are at higher risk for weather-related health and safety problems. Organizations that serve these populations should plan for their heath needs. Individuals and families should also learn how to stay healthy and safe in different types of extreme weather.

New York City has already begun to respond to climate change and is working to improve the city's resilience against future climate change.

Resources for Individuals

Resources on New York City's Response to Climate Change

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