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NYC Celebrates Late Show with David Letterman Day

From left to right: Jerry Foley, Shawn Walters, Pat Farmer, Commissioner López, Tim Kennedy, Amy Rubin, and Kathy Mavrikakis. Photo courtesy of CBS.

May 22, 2015 - New York City said a fond farewell to the Late Show with David Letterman as the series ended its 22-year run on CBS, by declaring May 20th Late Show with David Letterman Day in the City of New York. Commissioner López was on hand to present the proclamation on behalf of Mayor de Blasio to the show’s creative team on the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theater.

The proclamation read in part: “New York City’s long and storied history has been shaped by many wise and influential men. Great men who have taken on enormous challenges, distinguished themselves in the face of nearly impossible odds, and showed great courage in their fight for success. And then, there are men like David Letterman. Together with an ever-evolving cast of characters, a talented team of writers and producers, and one of the best crews in the business, Dave and the Late Show have been leaders in late-night television for over 30 years… I join with viewers around the globe in congratulating everyone here at the Late Show on all they have accomplished and on earning their place in history as some of those wise(cracking) men (and women!) who have done so much to shape our city.”

Watch Mayor de Blasio sign the proclamation here.