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Join Chief Kim Royster and her guests on “Color of the Day,’ an NYPD-iHeart Radio coproduction aimed at delivering lively and thoughtful conversations with newsmakers including, artists, influencers, and policymakers. Each episode will offer a conversation on a wide range of topics. Kim Royster is the Chief of the NYPD Transportation Bureau and has been with the NYPD for over 35 years.


Episode 4:
Communities During Covid, Part 3: The Hair Artist
Hair salons and barbershops had to close their doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but now the doors are back open and the beauty industry has an entirely new look. What happens when a neighborhood's social and cultural hub is forced to close and what does it look like when it returns? Chief Kim Royster sits down with Kim Wade, Hair Artist and owner of Bruzh-Wa Hair salon of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

Episode 3:
Communities During COVID Part 2: The Funeral Director
In March 2020, New York City was the epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic and Brooklyn had more deaths per capita due to the pandemic. Chief Kim Royster sits down with funeral director Lisa Dozier of Dozier Funeral Services of Brooklyn to talk about the transformation, resilience, faith and the most challenging period in the funeral business industry.


Episode 2:
Communities During Covid, Part 1 - The Restaurateur
No more reservations. Chief Kim Royster sits down with Vito Randazzo, owner of Brooklyn's Graziella's Restaurant. They talk about the 'Brooklyn for Life' campaign to save his restaurant, feeding Brooklyn's First Responders and helping his competitors survive and reopen during the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic with a little help from Hollywood.


Episode 1:
Sits Down With Florida Congresswomen Val Demings October 20, 2021
In the premiere episode of Color Of The Day, New York City’s Police Department Chief of Transportation Kim Royster sits down with Congresswomen Val Demings of Florida’s 10th District where they talk about public service, leadership and working through the Covid-19 pandemic.