Announcement, March 11, 2020

If business operations are interrupted due to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), you may experience an unavoidable delay in receiving your paper pay check. To continue receiving your pay without interruption, you must sign up for Direct Deposit. 

Direct Deposit is faster, more secure, and more reliable than paper checks. Your pay is automatically deposited into your checking or savings account on the appropriate date.

Sign up now for Direct Deposit.


My Pay

In this section:

  • My Paycheck: information about check replacement, direct deposit, free checking accounts, and general explanations about pay statements (also called paychecks). An interactive pay rate calculator is also available there.

  • Pay Calendars: holiday and pay calendar, 3-year calendar, leave accrual schedule, list of holidays, list of pay dates/dates covered, and general information about pay schedules that are different from standard NYC pay dates.

  • My Finances: information about various savings and benefit programs, such as Deferred Compensation, Health Benefits Buy-Out Waiver, Municipal Credit Union, NY's 529 College Savings Program, and Pension Plans.

  • Ordered Deductions: general information about ordered deductions, such as child support, garnishment, and IRS tax levies.