HOPE 2016 Finds 12 Percent Decline in Street Homeless on the Night of the Count
DHS Announcement
    "The decrease found by the HOPE count shows that progress is possible, and the new HOME-STAT dashboard and our quarterly counts will ensure that we have accurate information about where and who the street homeless are, so we can continue the hard work of finding them a home," said Mayor de Blasio.
Mayor Announces HOME-STAT Program Fully Operational

    Mayor Bill de Blasio today announced over 500 workers are helping homeless people move from the streets of New York City to shelters with an array of services now that the Administration's new HOME-STAT initiative has been fully staffed. The Mayor also announced that beginning May 2, the City will be adding three new homeless counts, in addition to the annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE).

Mayor Announces Over 30,000 New Yorkers Are Living in Permanent Housing

DHS Spotlight
    New York City's homeless prevention programs are continuing to help move families and individuals out of shelter and stay in their homes, serving over 107,000 individuals with prevention services, over 300,000 New Yorkers with emergency rental assistance and 10,000 households with legal services to remain in their homes. Read more
Our Mission HOME: Ending Veteran Homelessness in 2015

Mission Home
    "Today, we have ensured that those in the veteran community who have struggled to find and remain in housing time and time again will have a stable place to call home. I'm grateful to the city agencies, federal partners, and the City Council, who all worked tirelessly together to make this pledge a reality," said Mayor Bill de Blasio. Read more

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