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Small Business Services, Department of City
NYC Business Solutions helps businesses open, operate, and expand in New York City.

Entrepreneurs and business owners can access quick, reliable and free information online by visiting the NYC Business Solutions website, available at a link below. In-person assistance is also available at the NYC Business Solutions Centers located in all five boroughs; see below for a link to NYC Business Solutions Center Locations.

Assistance provided by NYC Business Solutions includes, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Hiring – Assistance with business recruitment needs through access to a pool of pre-screened job candidates.
  • Training Funds – Access to matching funds for employee training that will improve employee skills and increase the quality of business operations.
  • M/WBE Certification – Assistance completing the process to become certified as a Minority or Women-Owned (M / WBE) Business Enterprise. M / WBE Certified businesses will have access to exclusive assistance related to bidding and procurement opportunities.
  • Financing – Assessment of the right lending opportunities for a client and assistance packaging loan applications while leveraging existing relationships with lenders to increase the chances of successfully receiving a loan.
  • Business Establishment and Contract Review – Leveraging a network of pro-bono lawyers to provide assistance with choosing a legal structure, registering a business and assessing a lease or contract.
  • Navigating Government – Guidance with navigating complicated government procedures which will help businesses smoothly address requirements and regulations.
  • Incentives – Assistance identifying and securing business incentives that will save money as the business relocates, expands or makes capital improvements.

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Contact NYC Business Solutions at the NYC Business Solutions Center Locations link above.
For further assistance, please call 311 and ask for: NYC Business Solutions

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