Design Professional Checklists:
Sidewalk Shed

Regardless of how the project work is portioned out, administration of the work remains the responsibility of the Registered Design Professional (RDP) who is the Applicant of Record (Applicant) in responsible charge or has verified Code and Zoning compliance of the drawings and installations for the project. Although there may be some specific projects that do not involve architectural or structural work, which may be completed by other professionals, it is important that the RDP maintain control of the entire project.

This section contains a list of tasks that provide compliance with the Construction Codes and other regulations discussed in the Project Guidelines.

Checklists include:

Prior to Application Approval Checklist

  • Provide ‘reference only’ documents of legal existing conditions. These will speed up the plan review process for repairs by reducing comments and the number of back forth and checks.
  • Although the Registered Design Professionals are only required to show the final construction documents, the Applicant of Record should stamp and sign all formal submittals to the Department to demonstrate he/she has exercised responsible charge as required.

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Pre-Permit & On-going Project Work Checklist


Required Documents: Based on scope of work, supporting documents or deferred submittals must be completed in order to obtain a permit. The following may be required:

  • Plot diagram of streets and sidewalk shed location(s)
  • Minimum design loads, including storage of materials on sidewalk shed
  • Design drawings prepared by either a registered Contractor, only if BSA meeting minutes approval is also provided, or by a NYS Professional Engineer or Registered Architect
  • Electrical permit
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) permit, if the sidewalk shed extends into the roadway and/or if a sidewalk is partially or completely blocked to pedestrian traffic, or if building materials are stored on the sidewalk shed


Post Approval Amendments: If the approved work has substantive or significant changes, make sure to submit revised drawings and obtain a Post Approval Amendment (PAA).

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Project Completion Close-out Checklist

  • Final Inspection: Conducted by either a Special Inspection Agency or the Department, to verify that the sidewalk shed can be safely removed or was completely removed.

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