DCAS Police

Black, white, blue and gold badge with scale, colonist & native American in the center surrounded by DCAS Police City of New York

DCAS Police protects tenants and visitors at properties owned, leased and operated by New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services by maintaining a uniformed law enforcement presence to screen, detect and apprehend individuals who violate general criminal laws of New York City and New York State.







 DCAS Police have significant safety responsibilities which include:

  • Conduct preliminary investigations of accidents, building rule violations, criminal complaints, security breaches, and thefts of both city and personal property.

  • Develop and implement corrective and preventive measures.

  • Assist in operational and emergency planning in partnership with other DCAS Lines of Service and other emergency response agencies during emergency conditions.

  • Manage and administer the contract guard agreement to ensure necessary staffing levels and compliance with the contract provisions on DCAS managed properties.

  • Facilitate an expanded Active Shooter Training program for DCAS personnel and other City agencies in need of training services.

If you have an emergency on a DCAS property first call 911 then call DCAS Police 24 Hour Emergency Number (212) 669-4300.