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Partner with WPP Service Providers

What is the Work Progress Program?
Over 50 nonprofit organizations implement internship programs through the Work Progress Program. Partnerships with companies and other organizations allow the internship programs to grow in many ways including hosting unique internships, conducting trainings, facilitating programs, and more. See ways in which you can partner below:

  1. Serve as a host internship site

WPP Service Providers manage internship programs, which can be internally based at the organization or with external partners. Service Providers are interested in providing internships that meet the interests and skill sets of their participants. Local businesses, companies, and other nonprofit organizations can offer to host the intern at their location and WPP Service Providers will compensate interns.

  1. Conduct workshops and trainings for interns

WPP Service Providers also engage interns in work readiness training such as financial literacy, interviewing, and networking. Outside organizations have assisted in conducting trainings for interns at their sites through the program.

Interested in partnering with a WPP Service Provider? See a full list of WPP Service Providers below:

Questions? Please contact WPPADMIN@HRA.NYC.GOV