Facade Report Guidelines

  • All Reports must be submitted electronically in DOB NOW: Safety.
  • Reports must follow both the sequence and labeling outlined in RCNY 103-04.
  • Buildings with ongoing construction work cannot be designated as Safe.
  • If the façade was classified as SWARMP in the previous cycle, you must complete all necessary repairs by the next cycle.  If repairs are not made, the condition of the facade must be classified as Unsafe.  Repairs must be made, even if the defects:
    • Seem relatively minor
    • Appear to not need a maintenance program
    • Have not worsened
    • Exposed issues that require legalization
  • If SWARMP status is indicated, provide the following statement: ‘There are no unsafe conditions.’
  • If SWARMP status is indicated, a timeframe must be established to complete repair work and a completion date (MM/DD/YY) must be identified.  The timeframe for repairs cannot be less than 12 months from the date of filing of the report at DOB.
  • Upload dated color photographs and location/plot diagrams with all report submissions.
  • Include detail on how any necessary repair work was completed.
  • In the History and Repairs, provide work and shed permit numbers (if applicable).
  • Using terms such as immediately or ASAP indicate unsafe conditions that must be addressed within a year; and thus, the façade cannot be classified as SWARMP.
  • Do not use obsolete Local Law 10/80 terminology such as precautionary or ongoing maintenance.
  • Avoid terms such as should, could or would.  Instead, be specific and clear in the report.
  • The condition of window air conditioner units may be classified as SWARMP.

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