How We Can Help You

We are here to help you deal with a variety of tricky situations that may arise while renting, including:

  • Construction Concerns
    Contractors working in occupied buildings must take steps to minimize dust and noise, maintain safe exits and limit any disruptions to essential services, among other protections. DOB’s Office of the Tenant Advocate can help if contractors are not following the Tenant Protection Plan or if you have questions or concerns about construction.
  • Construction Harassment
    Unfortunately, a common tactic used by unscrupulous landlords is to let the living conditions of their buildings deteriorate, then doing noisy, messy construction in an attempt to force out tenants who pay a lower rent than the landlord would desire. This is textbook tenant harassment, and while it happens citywide, it is most likely to occur in neighborhoods where rents are rising quickly due to the changing nature of the neighborhood. Construction harassment is illegal, and you can find information on your rights and your landlord’s responsibilities around construction.
  • Gas or Elevator Out of Service
    Your landlord is required to maintain gas connections and to keep your elevator in working order. If they have been shut off there may be a dangerous condition they need to correct immediately.
  • Vacate Orders
    If DOB has issued a Vacate or Partial Vacate Order, then all or some of your building has been deemed too dangerous to occupy. It is up to your landlord to fix those conditions immediately, and other help is available to you to find new accommodations.

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