Information for Pedicab Businesses and Drivers

Pedicab Registration Plate Lottery 2020

The 2020 period to apply for the pedicab registration plate lottery ended on October 9, 2020. If you submitted a Pedicab Registration Plate Lottery Application before the deadline, DCA will mail you a letter stating whether or not you are randomly selected to receive an offer to obtain a pedicab registration plate.

Additional Resources for Pedicab Businesses and Drivers

  • Pedicab Timers
    • You must use a timer that complies with Handbook 44 and Special Publication 960-12 of the National Institute of Standards and Technology and be inspected and sealed by DCA.
    • You cannot use a cell phone as a timer.
    • Call 311 or email to schedule a pedicab timer inspection. The fee is $10 per timer inspection.