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Electrical System

Electrical Systems work is the new design and installation, alteration, or repair of any electric wires, wiring apparatus and other appliances used or to be used for the transmission of electricity for electric light, heat, power, signaling, communication, alarm and data transmission.

Installation and modification work may also include the necessary equipment, usually consisting of a circuit breaker(s), switch(es), fuse(s) and their accessories, connected to the load end of service conductors to a building or other structure, or an otherwise designated area, and intended to constitute the main control and cutoff of the supply.

Work you can do without a permit, Licensed Master Electrician or Registered Design Professional

No installation and modification to any electrical systems can be performed without a permit and a Licensed Master Electrician.

Work you can do without a permit

No installation and modification to any electrical systems can be performed without a permit.

When you need to hire a Licensed Master Electrician and obtain a permit

General and Minor Electrical Work, as outlined below, do not require a Registered Design Professional.

  • General Electrical Work. All electrical work, other than electrical installation of 1,000 KVA or larger, as outline in the scope of work, can be performed by a NYC Licensed Master Electrician, with a permit and a required inspection performed by the DOB.

  • Minor Electrical Work. Replacement and repairs, listed below, requires a NYC Licensed Master Electrician and an electrical permit, but does not require a DOB Inspection, for this type of work.

    Replacement and repairs:

    1. Replacement of defective circuit breakers/switches (30amps and under) excluding main service disconnects;
    2. Replacement of electrical panels parts (150 volts and under to ground);
    3. Replacement of minor elevator parts;
    4. Replacement of defective controls (30 amps and under);
    5. Repair of defective fixtures;
    6. Replacement of fixtures in existing outlets (no more that 5 fixtures; no increase in wattage;
    7. Replacement, repair, disconnection or reconnection of motors (1 horsepower and under), and associated devices;
    8. Repairs to low pressure heating plants (capacity under 15lbs/;
    9. Installation of any ten or fewer units not requiring the installation of an additional branch circuit;
    10. Installation of motors of fractional horsepower; and
    11. Installation of transformers rated at one thousand volt amperes or less

When you need to hire a Registered Design Professional, Licensed Master Electrician and obtain a permit

If the installation and modification of electrical systems is comprised of work totaling 1,000 KVA or more, a Registered Design Professional must submit construction documents for approval by the Department in order to obtain a work permit.

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