Information on Smoking, Tobacco and E-cigarette Use for Clinicians

As a clinician, you play a vital role in helping your patients attain a tobacco-free life. You can use the resources below to help your adult patients quit smoking, or prevent the use of tobacco products and e-cigarettes among your pediatric patients.

New Youth Tobacco and E-Cigarette Prevention Action Kit

As a health care provider, you can inspire youth to resist tobacco, e-cigarettes and alternative products through education and counseling. Check out the new Youth Tobacco and E-Cigarette Prevention Action Kit for pediatric providers.

New Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) Toolkit

NRT can be a useful medication support tool for all patients who smoke, even if they are not ready to quit. NRT can help patients manage nicotine withdrawal symptoms or cravings when in situations where they can’t smoke, while building interest and self-efficacy around quitting in the future. The toolkit includes resources to support using this new approach, both for patients and health care or social service providers.

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