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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NYC Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? View the Answer


The NYC EAP offers all employees of New York City's non-uniformed mayoral agencies, NYC Department of Correction, New York City Housing Authority, NYC Health + Hospitals and their family members a helping hand through the use of its professional counselors who can help handle problems in areas such as stress, alcoholism, drug abuse, mental health problems and family difficulties.

When should I call the EAP?View the Answer


When there is something you have trouble dealing with or talking about, the EAP offers you an objective person who can help you through it.

How can the EAP help me? View the Answer


An EAP counselor can speak with you in person or on the telephone to help you sort through your difficulties and decide what steps need to be taken to help resolve your problem.

Is there a cost for this program?View the Answer


EAP services are free to employees of covered mayoral agencies. However, additional costs maybe incurred for other services.

What type of problems does the EAP address?View the Answer


EAP services include personal, family and job difficulties; alcohol and substance abuse; mental health problems including stress, anxiety and depression and social service needs.

What resources can the EAP offer me?View the Answer


The EAP can help you get in touch with resources in your community such as childcare, eldercare and financial counseling, etc. Working with your health plan, the EAP can help you receive treatment for alcohol or drug dependencies, emotional and relationship problems. In all cases, the EAP will work with you until you receive asisstance that is affordable and effective.

Can I receive EAP services?View the Answer


Just call the EAP during business hours and ask to speak with a counselor. The telephone number is (212) 306-7660 or e-mail After hours, you can leave a message and a counselor will return your call on the next business day.

Is the EAP consultation confidential?View the Answer


The personal information that may be discussed with the EAP is protected by confidentiality laws and regulations. Except in certain extreme situations, information will not be released without your written permission.

What if I do not want my employer to know?View the Answer

Are there situations when my supervisor can send me to the EAP?View the Answer


Sometimes employees are referred to the EAP by supervisors, union representatives or disciplinary officers because their problems are interfering with their work performance. As in all cases, participation is voluntary and your right to privacy and confidentiality are respected.

Can the EAP be called to help when there is a traumatic event on the job?View the Answer


Often the EAP responds to workplace events by visiting the site and speaking to the employees involved to help them manage the emotional effect of the trauma.

Where is the EAP located?View the OLR Contact page