Ferries & Buses

DOT is not responsible for New York City subway or bus service. The MTA operates the subway system, issues MetroCards, and operates the Metro-North and Long Island Railroads. Find other area transit providers


DOT owns and operates the Staten Island Ferry and works with other city agencies and private ferry operators to promote use of our waterways for transportation. Learn more about the Staten Island Ferry Find information on private ferry service Learn about bringing bikes on ferries


Public buses in New York City are operated by New York City Transit, a division of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Get more information on bus routes and schedules. DOT maintains city streets and sidewalks, bus lanes and bus shelters. Get general bus service information from MTA DOT keeps a list of other bus services in the region DOT sets charter bus parking guidelines for Manhattan and Brooklyn Heights. Bikes are not allowed on NYC Buses. Learn about bringing bikes on other mass transit

Select Bus Service

Select Bus Service is a program to improve bus speed, reliability, and convenience, implemented as a partnership between DOT and the MTA. Select Bus Service is New York City’s brand of bus rapid transit, a system implemented around the world to provide a cost effective approach to transit improvements. Select Bus Service improves bus service through features such as dedicated bus lanes, off-board fare payment systems, and transit signal priority, as well as pedestrian access improvements to bus stops. Learn more about Select Bus Service

Intercity Bus Stop Permits

Intercity buses that operate scheduled service into or out of the city are prohibited from loading or unloading passengers on city streets except at designated locations, and must obtain a permit from the DOT in order to do so. If your company is currently operating or wishes to operate regularly scheduled bus service into or from the city from on-street bus stops, you need to apply for a permit. School buses, charter buses, buses that operate within the city, and buses providing government-contracted public transportation do not need permits. Learn more and apply for a permit

Approved Sightseeing Bus Stops Citywide

Download the Sightseeing Bus Stops Citywide list (pdf)

Motor Carrier Safety Information

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides safety information for highway travel, and rates the safety records of passenger carriers. Find general safety information on using bus lines Visit the FMCSA's safety records