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Together with the NYC Employee Benefits Program and the City’s unions, WorkWell NYC has partnered with WW to provide City employees and their families with tools to lose weight and live life fully.


Introducing the new WW Reimagined Program

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WW Special Pricing

City employees have access to a subsidy that reduces the cost of membership by more than 50% off the regular price.*

Since health is a family affair, benefit-eligible dependents (spouses, children 18-26) and retirees can also enjoy discounted pricing.**


Digital + Workshop
(Formerly Meetings)

(Formerly OnlinePlus)
Employee Cost: $15.00/mo.*

Spouse/Dependent/Retiree Cost: $30.00/mo.**
Employee Cost: $7.00/mo.*

Spouse/Dependent/Retiree Cost: $14.00/mo.**

*Join WW by 3/6/20 and receive a free Kick Start Kit!*

WW Kick Start Kit

Join Weight Watchers at nyc.join.weightwatchers.com between February 3rd and March 6th. Then, visit ww.com/kickstartkit. to redeem your gift!


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* NYC and its unions cover 50% of the cost for benefits-eligible employees. The dollar value of this subsidy will be included as taxable income to the employee. **Spouses and dependents of retirees are not eligible for the subsidy.

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